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What’s Forgiveness Got to Do With Money? Everything.

It popped up from the very start, in the very first money workshop I led. The men and women circled around me swore they wanted to create new, healthier, and happier relationships with money. They were magnetized to this bright, shining future: filled with hope and clarity and empowerment.

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What’s a Money Story?


Forest remembers that car ride like it was yesterday. He can still smell of the leather-upholstered seats in the white Volvo. He can still see that grim intersection out in Chesterfield, Missouri, a short drive from his childhood home.

In that car ride with his father, Forest made a pivotal declaration.

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7 Ways to End Your 2015 Money Year with a Bloom


So, I’m sitting in my office now on a wintery snow day, with my 7-year-old out of school, and I’m reflecting on this past year as the snow gently drifts down, leaving a blanket of silence all around. And out of the white silence, what is arising?

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