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How to find Enoughness…when you don’t FEEL it.

You’re doing your money work. You’re shedding light on your money story, healing your money shame, and mustering the courage to really look at your numbers.

And then: Wham. Ouch. Brick Wall.

You’re still spending more than you’re earning.…

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Declaration of You: Money


Today, it’s my pleasure to be included in the BlogLovin’ Tour that is sweeping the interwebs this summer, in celebration of the new book The Declaration of You, by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift.

These ladies are wonderful, heart-full creatives, and I’m thrilled for them!…

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How my Food Cleanse INSPIRED a Money Cleanse for my students.

My 44th year has been powerful.

And, I have been Daring Greatly like crazy.

Some of my great dares this year have been: 

1. As many of you know, I opened my year-long program, The Art of Money, a global conscious money movement.…

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Failure or Lesson? In your Money House…

“The only difference between a failure and a lesson, is how much you were paying attention.”

When I recently read this on Joshua Onysko’s Facebook wall, I felt a big YES! My mind was flooded by all the ways this relates to our money relationship and the path to money healing.…

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Your money healing ritual . . . is it time?

I love ritual. I especially love those rituals we self-create for our own healing. And I extra-specially love those rituals we self-create for our money healing!

For some of you, rituals may seem a bit silly, or you wonder how significant or productive they could really be.…

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Tax Day Reflections

Dear Community,

Today is a loaded day. It’s Tax Day in the US.

Body Check In: What happens when you read those two teeny little loaded words? Tax Day. Feelings, sensations, reactions? Breathe into Tax Day. Take a peek at what’s there for you.…

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{Video} Introduction to Money + Enneagram

Golden Nugget: Money Healing.
Money + Enneagram.
Skype Interview with Ben Saltzman.
The Art of Money –
Guest Teacher

With less than 2 weeks until The Art of Money journey begins, I am so thrilled to introduce you to a dear friend and colleague .…

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Have I told you how BRAVE you are?

Dear Community,

Last week, I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I left my house for work! After four years of working almost 100% online so that I could live my dream of staying home with my son while he’s little, this felt like a big deal, and so exciting.…

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3 Doorways: Which one needs your attention today?

Once upon a time, I was asked to give my first public talk on money. I had no idea how to synthesize all of the work I had done, or grasp what was mine to teach.

So I went into the woods, clueless and open.…

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I really can’t stand the term “underearning”.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of “underearning” talk. The reason I’m turned off by the term is because I feel it oversimplifies a very complex and nuanced topic. While labeling or naming can be a helpful first step, we need to go further and break open those boxes.…

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