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Money + Power: 3 Stories from My Own Money Journal



“Money is power.”
~ Way too many people


Dear Community,

Sometimes, I’ll ask people what money means to them. Not in an academic, theoretical, highfalutin’ conceptual way … but in an intimate, personal, this-is-my-life-story kinda way. And one of the most common definitions I hear is that one up there.

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It’s Never Just About the Money



Dear Community,

Exhausted and reverent, we lugged those three, precious paper bags through the parking lot to our little car. Forest and I had only been dating a short while, and were living in Sebastopol, California. Despite earning only a modest income, we both valued high-quality organic food so much, we made a weekly pilgrimage to Whole Foods.

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This financial identity work is rocking my world…


Have you ever wondered why some people make a ton of money, freak out, and then lose it quickly? Or how about why some business owners have trouble increasing their capacity to teach larger groups of people in their programs?

My friend and colleague, the inimitable Fabeku Fatunmise, has one of the most powerful, compelling, and mind blowing explanations for why things like that happen.…

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