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4 Money Convos I Can’t Wait to Share. (Plus: Insta-Goodness!)

- Bari tessler

Hi there!

Has this ever happened to you?

You think you know a topic, inside-and-out.

(Maybe it’s the intricate art of baking sourdough bread. Or the esoteric secrets of fly fishing. Or fan theories about Game of Thrones — believe me, my husband is obsessed)

But then, you start chatting about it with a smart friend … and before you know it, new facets and golden nuggets of wisdom and insights emerge, right there in the cafe, over scones and mochas.

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A Tough Love Manifesto on Money, Boundaries, and Biz.

Loving warning: This a BEAST of an article. It’s long. It’s a long time coming. And it’s bursting at the margins with lessons for consumers, entrepreneurs, and all of us interested in deep money work. Because after keeping mum for years, it’s finally time for me to speak up about some behind-the-scenes drama — and make a public declaration.
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What’s Forgiveness Got to Do With Money? Everything.

It popped up from the very start, in the very first money workshop I led. The men and women circled around me swore they wanted to create new, healthier, and happier relationships with money. They were magnetized to this bright, shining future: filled with hope and clarity and empowerment.

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