Golden Nuggets

Golden Nugget #7 It’s a funny thing: I make my living helping people heal their relationship with money. And today, I’d like to talk openly about the elephant in the room here: How in the world do you decide whether to spend money on your relationship with money? Isn’t that confusing?? And in a bigger sense: how do we make good money decisions, in general? How do we know when to invest, risk, say “Yes!” … and when to tighten…

December 9, 2013
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Golden Nugget #6: Money Healing Today we’re diving right into one of the deepest, tenderest areas in all of conscious money work. Hold onto your tiaras and cowboy hats, folks. Today, it’s about … The Question of Value Everywhere we turn — especially in the online entrepreneurial world — we’re bombarded by affirmations and commands about value. “Charge what you’re worth!”“You deserve to make a comfortable, posh living.”“Your time/health/relationships/native genius are where true value lies.” Overcoming Underearning – Interview with…

December 5, 2013
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Golden Nugget #5 Well, the streets and interwebs are both a-buzz with Holiday commerce!  Between Thanksgiving and Black Friday (here in the States), the opening of the Holiday shopping season, and Cyber Monday today … there’s a lot of money emotions and transactions and plannings going on!  So … how are you feeling about all of it?  Does it overwhelm or stress you?  Are you excited by the energy of it all?  Do you feel frantic or frightened about buying…

December 2, 2013
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