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What it really takes to support your family as Single Mom + Solo Entrepreneur

Today I’m so honored and excited to introduce you to Toi Smith. Toi is a Business Strategist and Coach for Visionary Black Women, founder of The Gamechangers Fund, and a single Mom of 4 young boys. Let me preface this interview by saying that Toi is also tenacious with a capital T. She shares so powerfully in this Money-Memoirs conversation: About the strengths that helped her get to where she is now in her business, the patterns she’s identified around…

January 12, 2020
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How to savvy up your biz model. 5 phases of my biz and how to grow on YOUR terms.

I LOVE the creative entrepreneurs in my community. Not only do you get the importance of doing your money work (both outer and inner), you ask the smartest questions! And one I hear most often is: “Bari, what’s your business model? And how did you land on it?” The truth is, I have revamped my business model multiple times since first hanging up my shingle over 20 years ago. Like all things money-related, I believe our business model must grow…

October 23, 2019
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Art of Money Guest Teachers

“Spiritual is who I am. Finance is what I know.” I got chills when Saundra Davis said that! This nugget of money wisdom tumbled out of her heart in our recent interview. That interview is right below – but first, please allow me to say: this interview was an absolute honor and thrill! I’ve wanted to interview Saundra for many years, and am proud to add her to the impressive and growing list of money pioneers I’ve interviewed and shared…

October 21, 2019
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