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My chat with financial powerhouse Manisha Thakor {Money Memoir}

Dearest community: We just opened the doors to my year-long, global money school: The Art of Money 2020. YESSS! More on that in a jiff. But first I want to celebrate our doors opening with our beloved Money Memoir interview series! Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Manisha Thakor, who I have known about for so many years — watching her on TV, and reading her books — but we have never met in person! Manisha is such…

January 14, 2020
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What it really takes to support your family as Single Mom + Solo Entrepreneur

Today I’m so honored and excited to introduce you to Toi Smith. Toi is a Business Strategist and Coach for Visionary Black Women, founder of The Gamechangers Fund, and a single Mom of 4 young boys. Let me preface this interview by saying that Toi is also tenacious with a capital T. She shares so powerfully in this Money-Memoirs conversation: About the strengths that helped her get to where she is now in her business, the patterns she’s identified around…

January 12, 2020
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How to savvy up your biz model. 5 phases of my biz and how to grow on YOUR terms.

I LOVE the creative entrepreneurs in my community. Not only do you get the importance of doing your money work (both outer and inner), you ask the smartest questions! And one I hear most often is: “Bari, what’s your business model? And how did you land on it?” The truth is, I have revamped my business model multiple times since first hanging up my shingle over 20 years ago. Like all things money-related, I believe our business model must grow…

October 23, 2019
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