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27 ways to make a Money Date your own

Your relationship to money is like a layer cake. (Now there’s a metaphor we can get behind, right?) There’s a big, thick, gooey emotional layer. (I’m imagining dark chocolate ganache, if you can’t tell.) Maybe there are actually several of these layers, throughout the cake. Then there’s a psychological-mental layer. That’s all of the beliefs and patterns you have about money, whether they came from you, your parents, your culture, or beyond. (Raspberry coulis, perhaps?) Money has relational and cultural…

October 17, 2019
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It was 2:17pm on a Thursday afternoon in mid-April of this year. I was sitting on a big stage in New York with a panel of speakers at the Women In The World conference at the Lincoln Center. The topic of the panel discussion? Women and money. To my left was the award winning author Tayari Jones (american marriage), UBS Wealth Management’s global client strategy officer, Paula Polito, and the panel moderator from CNN, journalist and global affairs analyst, Bianna…

October 16, 2019
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Money, meet social justice. This woman’s pioneering work blew my mind.

My jaw dropped when I heard this term: Social justice investing. I was already intimately familiar with SRI – socially responsible investing. But social justice investing?! This is a whole new level of leveraging money for social change. I knew I had to talk to the woman who coined the phrase: Rachel Robasciotti. Rachel is a pioneer in the money field in many different ways. She’s a young, queer woman of color in a field that’s 68% male and 77%…

August 5, 2019
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