Money Memoirs


Money Memoirs 

One Month.

33 courageous souls. Baring their truth about money.  

One story at a time.

Right here.  The entire month of October. 




Everyone has a money story.
Not just the “money experts.” Mamas, artists, unconventional entrepreneurs, couples, students: we all have a story to tell. And each one holds value. Gems of insight. Practices that serve. Keys to empowerment, liberation, and love.

Welcome to an intimate gathering for truth-telling about money.
To pull back the curtain. To let you know: you’re not alone. To throw open the doors to our hearts, hopes, and histories. To bring more depth and intimacy to our money relationships than ever before.

Here you’ll find personal Money Memoirs from some of my favorite people.
Big-hearted friends, colleagues, and students. Entrepreneurs, couples, mamas, papas, creatives, and sisters. Sharing their intimate journal entries + uncut video outpourings + heartfelt, hilarious audios.

Grab a cuppa.  Light a candle.  Bring your journal and see what chords these stories strike in your own heart.



Our Money Memoir Guests


Jen Louden

Jen Louden | Best-selling author, teacher, coach

I rarely work with coaches, but Jen has been one of mine.  I love her.  She’s so funny and real, and she’s the very first person I interviewed for Money Memoirs.  And, Jen is the perfect laid-back Queen to begin this beloved series.

In this Money Memoir, Jen opens up about what happened when she received a small inheritance, how money affected her marriage, and what she’s taught her daughter about money.

Okay, click the button below, sit back, and enjoy this first Money Memoir!



hero_boga_150wHiro Boga | Business strategist, transformational teacher, energy alchemist

I love Hiro’s work around business devas (the “soul” of your business). And I had a hugely empowering healing session with her a few years ago, around my son’s birth. I’m continually drawn to her as a teacher of energy and how to best work with this channel in business, life and love. I’m also very honored to collaborate with her in my Art of Money 2014 program.

In this Money Memoir, Hiro shares the impact of growing up amidst stark poverty, her practice of partnering with the spirit of money, and how she found abundance and empowerment after losing everything.

This is a very powerful piece you’re about to read. It’s one to be read slowly. Savor each sentence. It exudes wisdom deep and wide. I had to read it a few times to fully honor all that Hiro has shared and gifted us in this Money Memoir. I am changed just from reading this. I know you will be too.



Fabeku FantunmiseFabeku Fatunmise | Business Awesomizer. Suck exorcist. Punk rock alchemist.

Seriously: how fabulous is Fabeku?! He appreciates candles, chocolate, and African rhythms as much as I do — and shoes even more than I do. More importantly, he inspires a whole online community of creative folks with empowering life-changing shifts — and we LOVE him for it.

In this Money Memoir, Fabeku opens up about how his father’s early death affected his money relationship. He talks about writing love letters as part of his money practice. He shares how he shifted from a feast and famine money pattern into feeling great about charging and receiving. And, he also shares his personal mission to carry on a legacy of supporting artists, and a powerful definition: “Money is fuel.”

This is a really inspiring interview filled with many golden nuggets of wisdom.



Carrie KlassenCarrie Klassen | Chief creatrix at Pink Elephant Creative, a web writing and design boutique

I have the delightful inkling that Carrie and I engage with our businesses in the same way. We’re sisters of sensuality and sundresses and flowers — and kindred spirits in elegant, nurturing and creative business practices.  And we both adore the creative entrepreneurial community.

In this Money Memoir, Carrie shares her philosophy on keeping the flow of energy moving, her practice of “sustainable pricing,” and her knack for the perfect splurge.



kelly_rae_roberts_150wKelly Rae Roberts | Artist.  Author.  Possibilitarian.

I’m in awe of Kelly Rae’s art. Years ago — before I knew who she was — I bought a piece from her first vintage series, it’s titled HOPE (and it’s still hanging on my wall–you can see it in my video interviews).

When I finally met her at the World Domination Summit this year in Portland, just walking down the street, we had an instant, kindred soul sister connection. We had quite the first conversation in the middle of a loud music event about the real stuff that happens in growing a biz. Recently, she interviewed me on mama-preneurship, which I’m so excited to share as soon as it goes live!

In this Money Memoir, Kelly Rae talks about growing up with money scarcity and how she transformed it into clarity, empowerment, and freedom. She talks about the “starving artist shame,” shares her money practices, and the Zen of living simply.



sara_avantSara Avant | Yogini, inspirational speaker, mentor, best-selling author

Sara is a dear, dear friend. We’re mastermind partners, we hike the same beloved mountain (sometimes together) … and she lives right around the corner from me. Oh and we have double dates with our guys at our favorite foodie restaurants around Boulder.

I love the work she does with women around our cycles, bodies, health, hormones, and self-care.

In this wonderful video interview, Sara opens up about the tender work she’s done to step more into her own value and break through her own money ceilings. She gets really honest about the practices she uses — and where she still has work to do.  And, she shares some great wisdom on manifesting that I know will be very supportive for you to hear. 

Enjoy this sisterly discussion on money, value and manifesting!



tanya_geisler_150Tanya Geisler | Coach.  Catalyst.  Magnificence Partner.

Tanya is a Mama Bear, a beauty inside and out, and wise beyond wise. Oh — and she’s my brilliant coach! I love working with her and the huge shifts she’s supporting me through. She’s immensely loving, fiercely direct, and hilarious.

In this audio Money Memoir, Tanya talks about her parents relationship to money, the values they passed on, the challenges she witnessed and how she’s chosen her own financial priorities. This was the first Memoir where I asked my guest how she felt about talking about money — and I loved her thoughtful answer about how to navigate transparency and vulnerability, as well as her own intentions for opening up.

And, as I mentioned she also my coach, so it was a sweet role-reversal to hold space for her dear stories and wisdom. I loved it and I know you will really appreciate how honest and revealing she is in this Money Memoir. 



leonie_dawson_150wLeonie Dawson | Self-help author/artist/hippie. Mama, mentor, philanthropist, and CEO.

Leonie is an amazing guide for creative types, offering amazing support with their businesses. I contributed to her World’s Biggest Summit a few years ago, and have been so excited to invite her to one of my gatherings now!

In this Money Memoir, Leonie talks about making money her soulmate, her fierce optimism, and a piece of shame. She also shares a powerful personal story about losing everything, taking a leap, and receiving it all back.



Mark-Silver_150wMark Silver | Business consultant, healer, author, and founder of The Heart of Business

This interview touched me in a big, big way. Mark and I recorded it the very first day I came back to work after the terrible Boulder Flood — and Mark created such a safe, open-hearted haven for me. I can’t honor him enough for how loving he was, how tender, how open.

I’ve followed Mark’s work for years, since he was one of the very first people I found doing deep, wonderful money work. In this Money Memoir, Mark weaves together his personal money stories with the teachings he gives his students.

He describes his family’s “kitchen table money summits,” the money lessons he’s giving his 5-year-old twins, and the money practices on his own horizon. He also opens up about crying in his wife’s arms during his toughest money moment.

Part of this interview was washed away in the Boulder flood, so we only have the first 36 of 56 minutes of the recording. To honor the beautiful things Mark shared in the rest of the interview, I’ve tagged on my own audio rememberings of the missing part of our chat to the end of this recording. I hope you’ll enjoy this moving piece!



tara_mohr_150Tara Sophia Mohr | Women’s leadership + wellbeing expert

Tara and I share so many dear friends, and for an entire year, everywhere I turned, people were telling me I needed to meet her! I’ve got big respect and appreciation for how she supports women in finding their voices and “playing big.”

In this Money Memoir, Tara talks about the financial gender roles she learned growing up — and how she’s outgrown her “little girl mode” with money in her business and marriage. She leaves us with a powerful invitation to play bigger.



heather_allard_150wHeather Allard | Founder, The Mogul Mom.

Oh my goodness: Heather is an incredible mamapreneur! She’s grown and sold a few businesses, all while being a mama. I absolutely love, honor, and respect everything she does with Mogul Mom, helping women be mamas and entrepreneurs at the same time. 

In this Money Memoir, Heather gets real about the high highs and low lows she’s had with money over the years. She talks about rockstar lifestyles, doing without, the kindness of a supermarket stranger, and the new money story she’s growing into.



Kate SwobodaKate Swoboda | Life coach, writer, and speaker on living your courageous life.

Kate’s one tough cookie, and her content is absolutely dynamite. In a busybusy online world, I always read her newsletters. I love how she inspires others to be courageous and live an inner revolution. And, she just birthed which is an incredible resource. Simply Great stuff!

I’m so grateful to Kate for this intimate video Money Memoir. She doesn’t hold any punches here, and gets SO real about growing up poor and the challenges and silver linings that left her with. She talks about her fire to fight and gets really tender about a recent money healing ritual she concocted.



lisa_byrne-150wLisa Byrne | Founder, Well Grounded Life.  Speaker, coach, author.

Lisa and I met through B School a few years ago and had an instant girlfriend camaraderie. We’ll hop on the phone for an hour every so often and catch up on everything from business to kids. Lisa is a force of nature: she’s an amazing entrepreneur while raising 3 kids. And I love what she teaches about being a vibrant mama.

In this Money Memoir, Lisa shares the challenges she had shifting from a self-sufficient single woman to a stay-at-home-mama — and then into entrepreneurship. She also opens up about money and her spirituality and why she doesn’t think about her money “relationship” but rather money as a “tool.”



andrea_scher-150wAndrea Scher | Creator of Superhero Life. Mom, photographer, guide.

A dozen years ago, I met Andrea at a festival in California. She was selling her superhero jewelry, and I was instantly intrigued and smitten. She wound up taking one of my first Conscious Bookkeeping courses, ever. Our paths have continued crisscrossing over the years, and one of my very favorite guest blog posts I’ve done was for Andrea, when she asked me what my superpower is.

I know you’ll love this full, rich interview. We go there. Andrea opens up about a radical life/money experiment she did this summer, teaching her 7-year-old about money, the dusty bacon her feng shui consultant found in her money corner, and why she’s charging more than ever before.



hannah-marcotti-150wHannah Marcotti | Joy, Manifest-Your-Dreams, and Heart-Centered Biz Coach

Hannah is simply gorgeous, inside and out. She’s a vibrant, connected Mom of 3, and does gorgeous work with women around self-care, sensuality, holidays, business, and so much more. I love how revealing she is about her process, in such a beautiful way.

This is simply an exquisite Money Memoir. Hannah says money, food, and love are her greatest teachers and partners in evolution, and she’s so skilled at sharing the insights she’s gleaned.

Here, in her beautiful, revealing way, Hannah describes working through the shame of debt, the impact of money on her marriage and mama-hood, learning to live inside the feeling of “enough,” worthy, and gratitude — and so much more.



ann_samilov_150Anne Samoilov | Creator, Fearless Launching

Anne and I met a few years ago through B School and we became part of a tiny, amazing posse of powerful women. Her work pulls apart the whole “launch” thing of online entrepreneurship — in a really honest, really helpful way — I love it. And, we both share the same aged, little blondie kids. Her’s is a girl and mine is a boy. Maybe they will meet one day 🙂

In this Money Memoir, Anne gets honest about drawing the line between business, family, and personal finances. She also talks about her Monday money practice and the impact of keeping a “money secret” for two years — and what she learned from it.



kate_northrup-150wKate Northrup | Professional freedom seeker. Creative entrepreneur.  Author, Money: A Love Story.

Just weeks before my Money Memoirs Series opened, I got an email from Kate asking if I’d participate in her own interview series on money stories, supporting her new book. After a moment of panic (we’re offering similar things, just 2 weeks part! is there room for both of us? will people think I copied her?!) I decided to relax and trust.

I called her up, we talked it through, and ended up happily participating in each others’ series. The whole experience has been pure loveliness: a lesson in abundance, trust, and gratitude. As Kate reminded me, “a rising tide lifts all boats in the harbor.” I’m so happy to be in this deep, wonderful harbor of conscious money work with Kate! Her interview is pure loveliness.



theresa-reed-150Theresa Reed  | “The Tarot Lady”

No joke: I call up Theresa every quarter for a Tarot reading. She always gives me the straight up truth, and her ability to offer clarity and support — while never mincing words — always leaves me feeling empowered and deeply connected. I simply adore her.

In this Money Memoir, you’ll learn some of the practical magic backing up Theresa’s mystical business. She gets real about some early childhood money shame, and what she learned from bailing out family members. Theresa’s incredibly practical, and the hard work she’s put into her money relationship shows.



stephanie-pollock-150wStephanie Pollock | Women’s leadership coach.  Publisher, Going Pro Magazine.

Stephanie’s part of my online colleague-tribe. She was another member of my amazing B School mini-posse a few years ago, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. And, we got to meet live last year in Portland and sit next to each other during a powerful Danielle LaPorte talk. I’ve been really impressed with her Going Pro online magazine, and love feeling like she’s got my entrepreneurial back.  Oh, and she’s a mama of little ones too, so it’s wonderful to share the mama-preneur journey with her as well.

In this Money Memoir, Stephanie talks about the scarcity mentality that followed her into early adulthood — even when her salary doubled. She shares why and how she redefined her relationship with money, and how her money practice is helping her finally feel in control of it.



ben-saltzman-150wBen Saltzman | Enneagram teacher, entrepreneurial coach, facilitator, author.

Ben is a soul brother. A deep, soulful guy that I instantly loved when we met a few years ago. He’s a brilliant Enneagram teacher (if you don’t know, Enneagram is one of my favorite tools for awareness), a papa of a 3-year-old, and an amazing guest teacher in my Art of Money program.

In this Money Memoir, Ben talks about how he’s made friends with money, the internal practices he’s found most helpful for gaining mastery, and why spiritual growth is key to money empowerment. He also shares the sweet impact regular money conversations have had on his marriage.



pace-smith-150wPace Smith | Pathfinding coach, teacher, bi-poly-trans gamer geek

Oh, I have just been curious about Pace for some time so I invited her to be a part of this series so I could get to know her a little better.  Pace works with spiritual entrepreneurs, helping them “bridge the practical and the profound.” How could I not love that?! And, I love the content she puts out into the world — and how smart, creative, honest, and deadpan hilarious she is.

In this Money Memoir, Pace talks about how her ability to save money has been her biggest strength — and her biggest hurdle. It’s allowed her to fund big transitions in her life — including taking the leap into entrepreneurship – yet comes with its own, surprising challenges.  And, she gives one of the most surprising and sexy definitions on money that I have heard so far…



hala-khouri-150wHala Khouri |Yoga teacher, somatic educator, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World.

I met Hala a decade ago while giving a rare talk in Los Angeles. Whenever I go to LA, I feel out of place and overwhelmed — what is this place?! Hala showed up at the yoga studio where I was speaking, and she was so honoring and lovely. We’ve stayed in touch since, and I’ve enjoyed a beautiful camaraderie with her: from soulful entrepreneurship to mamahood and more. I have so much respect for her activism with Off the Mat. Doing that kind of activism/philanthropy is something that is close on the horizon for me.

In this Money Memoir, Hala shares what it was like to grow up amidst big money contradictions, why her money relationship is a unique area of her life, and the big money decisions she’s facing right now. She also shares a beautiful wisdom nugget she’s found in working with millionaires and the homeless.



rebecca_lewis-150wRebecca Lewis | Interior Life Designer, Art of Money Student

Rebecca is the first Art of Money student we’re featuring in the Money Memoirs Series — and I’m so excited to include her story! She’s just such a love. I first met her as a client, student, and community member — and she quickly became a dear girlfriend. Rebecca’s such a bright, fun, aware spirit, and the deep work she’s done on her money story has really impressed me.

In this Money Memoir, Rebecca gets honest about what it was like coming from a wealthy family: the lessons, hardships, and shame she inherited, and how she’s worked through them. She also shares how money divided her parents and what she’s doing differently in her own marriage. Rebecca has a true gift for dancing with her process — and articulating its ups, downs, and gifts. Enjoy!



tripp-lanier-150Tripp Lanier | Men’s Coach. Host of The New Man podcast.

When I looked at my list of Money Memoirs guests, it hit me: most of my world is women! I wanted an amazing interview for the guys, so I needed a rock-solid, honest, insightful, wonderful man. That man is Tripp. He’s smart, direct, and simply delightful. He also does (and leads) tons of men’s work, and I’m so grateful to include his voice in this series.

In this video interview, Tripp opens up about masculinity and money’s roles in some pivotal transitions in his life: letting go of a rockstar career, entering papa-hood, and feeling fired up about the hunter-provider role. I love his description of what money means to him and his sharp reflections about creating meaningful work for himself — all while unhooking his sense of self-value from his work.



bianca-michael-bentz-shearer-150wBianca and Michael Bentz Shearer  | Parents of 5, Art of Money Students

There are a number of parents in the Money Memoirs Series, but I wanted to make sure to include voices from our community with more than two children, since that can so affect the money conversation. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely, transparent, and inspiring couple for this task than Bianca and Michael.

I love how Bianca and Michael wrote this Money Memoir: for each question, they give an answer from him, from her, and from them together — what a wonderful way to showcase the balance in their relationship! This ultra-rich Money Memoir includes so much: recovering from debt, the yoga of abundance, the fears of entrepreneurship, financial plateaus, the power of “money dates,” and so much more.



karen-robins-150wKarin Robbins | Psychotherapist, Art of Money Student

Karin is such a bright spirit. I’ve so appreciated how she’s shown up in our Art of Money community this year: she gives it her all, shares exactly where she is (the good and the hard!) and offers such beautiful support to her fellow Money Adventurers.

In this insightful Money Memoir, Karin offers a nuanced description of the give-and-take her money relationship has with the other areas of her life — how it’s woven into them and the beautiful ways she’s found to apply lessons she’s learned elsewhere to her money relationship. Karin also opens up about how she recovered from big credit card debt (both emotionally and practically), why naming her bookkeeping a “money practice” made a huge difference, and the freedom she’s found thanks to consistent awareness.



sharron-swain-150wSharron Swain | Religious Educator, Writer, Art of Money Student

Mark my words: Sharron is on the verge of becoming a professional powerhouse for good at a whole new level.  After moving back to her hometown, building a new life and becoming a mama of two little ones, she’s now beautifully weaving and integrating and blossoming. I love how honestly and deeply she’s shown up in the Art of Money community — and how she’s living money and life with such integrity.

In this poetic Money Memoir, Sharron discusses the profound impact conscious money work has had on her life and marriage: from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, to values-based budgeting in the Art of Money, to money shame, depression and mindful liberation.



gayle_mike_yamauchi-gleason_150wGayle and Michael Yamauchi-Gleason | Administrator, Coach, Art of Money Students

This enthusiastic duo cheer from rooftops that “it’s never too late to do this work!” Thanks to the hard work they put into their money relationship, they’ve turned a super-challenging year (with a short sale sale on their home) into a truly great year. Plus they’re just really, really cool.

In this Money Memoir, Gayle and Michael share their unique, very personal experiences with truths I hear over and over again: we can feel more empowered around money even without making more of it; challenging our assumptions about the limits of what we deserve is powerful medicine; and how we approach difficulties can transform them into opportunities for hope and renewal.



rowan-twosisters-150wRowan Twosisters | Urban Curandera, Doula, Hooper.  Art of Money Student.

I adore Rowan. She’s a Texas-Hooper-Dreadlocked-Tattoo’ed-Healer-Woman.  And, I just can’t wait to give her a big live hug, one day.

I love how she describes conscious money work as akin to a 12 Step program for her: she recognizes that we’re never “done” with our money relationship, and she’s committed to working through her own layers and evolution for a long time. 

In this deep Money Memoir, Rowan describes why she considers money to be her greatest spiritual teacher. She shares her challenges around earning money as a healer, how she works through the paralysis of money shame, and her unique money practices. Soak up Rowan’s provocative revelations around feeling “creatively wealthy,” radical self reliance, and choosing love.



jaime-powell-150wJaime Powell | Life coach, healing artist, Art of Money Student.

Jaime’s been in my community for several years, and I absolutely treasure her presence there. There’s something powerful and beautiful about her. She’s one of the most transparent folks I know, and I so appreciate her commitment to this work and her ability to dive deeper and deeper: within herself, within her money relationship, and within this community.

In this revealing Money Memoir, Jaime shares the intense ride money has been for her over the years: from childhood angst about it, through bankruptcy and divorce, to forgiveness, wealth, and “progress, not perfection.” Enjoy this thoughtful reflection from one of our soulful deep sea divers!



hillary-rubin-150wHillary Rubin | Spiritual Life + Business Coach. Creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach training program.

Folks, hold onto your hats, because Hillary goes for it in this interview, and opens up about everything: from the huge sum her parents paid for her adoption to her edgy childhood to Multiple Sclerosis turning her life upside down at 24 to becoming a coach and applying her entire life to helping women overcome limiting mindsets.

Hillary is known as an “angel of fire” in her community — and boy, did she bring that to this interview! This is a fluff-free soul-baring, with everything from emotional truth bombs to ultra-practical accounting practices to beautiful spiritual money altars.



mati-rose-150wMati Rose McDonough | Artist, Illustrator, Art of Money Student.

Mati’s paintings are all over the walls of my home — I’m in love with her art! (Even my little Noah agrees: he was so excited to pick his favorites for his own room.) Mati is an artist in the Bay Area, and I’m so happy to share her voice in this series.

In this lovely, upbeat Money Memoir, Mati shows us what it means for her to balance the risk-taking artistic lifestyle with a more grounded, mature money practice. She shares how she dusted herself off with creative ingenuity and only $40 in the bank — and how dark chocolate has helped her get out of money denial.



april-benson-150wApril Benson | Psychologist, Author, and Educator

I’m so happy to welcome another money therapist to this series! April’s work focuses on compulsive shopping: supporting individuals in recovery, training therapists, and raising awareness about the dangers of overspending. I appreciate the emotional depth she brings to this work, and recommend her books to anyone dealing with a shopping addiction.

In this multi-faceted Money Memoir, April shares the evolutionary ups and downs of her money journey: from immense childhood financial responsibility through wealth (and ensuing guilt) through huge loss and finally balance, alignment, and honesty.