Money Memoirs

Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like. {Money Memoir}

What does a “before & after” look like, in deep money work? It’s actually a tricky question! After all: my money teachings are different from the mainstream, “Money Management 101” and “5 Steps to 6 Figures” out there. Sure, we tackle practical matters. And in a year-long program, people take a number of heroic baby steps forward, like: … Tackling that pile of tax paperwork they’ve avoided for years (with the help of a little chocolate and soft candlelight). ……

January 21, 2019
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When I first met Alethea, she was emceeing a fabulous women’s leadership conference. But how I actually got to know her? Was a far more spontaneous, serendipitous event. See, last Spring, Alethea and I were both speakers at the Gaia Women Lead event in Santa Barbara: an “intimate conference for activist women leaders committed to social, political, and professional change.” After an amazing few days of inspiring speakers and great food by the ocean, I boarded the plane to fly…

January 18, 2019
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Hard-won money lessons from Racheal Cook, an award-winning biz strategist.

I’m not sure if you’re noticing the trend, but more and more people are trying out the creative entrepreneurial path. Maybe it’s the pull of wanting to do something you’re passionate about, make a great income, AND make a positive impact in the world…all at the same time. The lifestyle and satisfaction you can experience as a result of doing that is worth the effort to get there, but here’s the thing about running your own business: it cranks up…

January 16, 2019
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