What does a decade of deep money work look like?

written by Bari Tessler January 20, 2021
Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like. {Money Memoir}

Dear Friend,

What does a decade of deep money work look like?
Let me show you.

What if you could talk to real people about money? We ALL have money stories to share. Tough times and how we overcame them. Hard-won wisdom, inspiration, and soulful insights.

In this intimate conversation series, Money Memoirs, I talk to folks from all different backgrounds and walks of life — and ask them to share their personal money stories. The good, the hard, and the triumphant – because we ALL have money wisdom and precious gems to share. And sometimes, just hearing someone else open up lets our own healing begin.

Most of us don’t talk about money, except maybe with our closest friends. But we ALL have money stories – tough times we survived, triumphs, and gifts. Practical wisdom and soul-deep insights. And when we’re able to share our money stories openly and lovingly with one another?

Magic happens. We un-shame. We spread confidence and peace of mind and a whole lotta love. When we dare speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins.

Welcome to an intimate gathering of truth-telling and heart story sharing about money. Here we come together to pull back the curtain and let you know that you are not alone.

Here we throw open the doors to our hopes and histories. – Here, we share the journey, bringing more depth and intimacy to our money relationships than ever before.

So, snuggle in and grab a cuppa. Light a candle. Bring your journal and see what chords these stories strike in your own heart.

Money Memoir with Patricia Escorihuela~

Deep money work is an intimate journey of growth and transformation, each one of us beginning and ending our travels in different places. Often, it isn’t until we look back on where we have come from that we can truly see the highs and lows that we have traveled. Where we stopped to take a breath, stretching to grow, forgive, and let go, and where we revelled in celebrating our accomplishments along the way.

But the biggest shifts are often quiet. Subtle. Inward.

Like developing deeper self-trust and self-compassion. Finally forgiving our parents, letting go of old hurts, and resentment. Claiming our value. Feeling more at home and at peace in our bodies and our lives.

These are the kind of life changing shifts that create genuine transformation, but they’re often hard to put into words. Never mind that “progress” looks utterly different, for different people!

The work we share here goes beyond the practical, day to day, nuts and bolts of managing your finances – of course, we do that, too! In the Art of Money community, we also go deep soul diving through our dreams and aspirations. We honor each step of the journey, healing and forgiving the past so that we can write a new chapter in our money story.

Sometimes it looks like candles, dark chocolate, and money talks with your sweetie under the moonlight. Other times it might be intentionally setting aside the time to turn on your favorite tunes, do a body check in, and catch up on your taxes. It is these practices that can feel so simple, and so small, that have the power to move mountains and transform our lives.

That’s why I’m so grateful to Patricia Escorihuela for sharing today’s Money Memoir. Patricia has been a client and Art of Money student for 12 years – in fact, she is one of the alumni guides in our year-long program now. I interviewed her 2 years ago, and she was able to actually put into words the profound, life-changing shifts she’s created in her money relationship — and throughout her life.

Patricia shares her story with warmth, honesty, and a hearty dose of storytelling. When we first started working together 12 years ago, Patricia didn’t even want to *peek* at her bank balance. (I see you averting your gaze, but this is so common!!)

Today, she’s a living, blooming example of what’s possible when you pour love, mindfulness, and body-based awareness into your money relationship.

In this deep yet playful conversation, Patricia shares candidly how a decade of deep money work has impacted her life, including:

  • What inspired her to begin this journey 12 years ago.
  • How money work has helped her forgive her challenging father.
  • Why she kept coming back to this work, even when it was tough (I love her metaphor of “little sips”).
  • How she’s claimed her value, let go of shame, and deepened her self-compassion.
  • How learning to get into her body has transformed her money, relationships, and career.

Oh, there are so many gems in this conversation!

If you’ve ever wondered what is really possible when you engage with deep money work — here’s one beautiful answer.

Not the answer, mind you. One answer. Because we all have our unique journeys to travel, and our paths are still unfolding, afterall.

YOUR “before & after” can look any way you want. When we acknowledge that maybe there is more to money than meets the eye, we open the door to the possibilities that we hold in our hearts and deepest dreams. Wherever you find yourself as you read this, dear one, is the perfect place to begin.

There are no prerequisites here, only loving encouragement – and a gentle reminder that everything is better with a cozy cuppa and dark chocolate.

Listen Here:

I’m so glad you’re here to share these stories with me today,

P.S. The Art of Money 2021 community kicked off on January 1st, and we are happily open for registration!

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You could move mountains.

I would be honored to welcome you to our global community.

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