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Thanks so much for your interest in collaborating with me.

In addition to all of the free content that I love to create via our free 7-day Money Mocha email course, blog articles and podcast, I lovelovelove creative collaborations! I’ve been collaborating with dear colleagues for the last 23 years in many creative ways. To make sure I have the bandwidth to do the ones I love the most, I’m ultra-choosy about who I collaborate with, when, and in what ways.

What I Love:

  • Podcast Interviews: Hands down one of my favorite ways to collaborate. If you have a podcast, I love being interviewed about my financial therapy meth, creative entrepreneurship, couples and money and my Art of Money books. I prefer to be interviewed via audio rather than video (although occasionally I’ll say Yes to video). I love questions that bring out great insights and intimate storytelling. There are many great examples of this on my media page here and here.
  • Guest Teaching: If you have an online program and would like to have me come in and teach about my financial therapy method + host a Q&A with your group, I would love to. I do charge an honorarium fee for this. Please send a note to my team and they will let you know if I am available and how to set this up.
  • Speaking: I love speaking to different communities, either online or in person. I don’t travel often for work but every few years I like to speak at a women’s event and have spoken at Emerging Women, Women in the World, Gaia Leadership Project, Financial Planning Association of Colorado, along with hundreds of small women and business groups since 2001. If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event, please include details about the honorarium for online engagements or the travel and speaker fees for in-person appearances.
  • Sharing on social media. I’m very active on Facebook and Instagram. So if we collaborate, and I feel great about our interview, I’ll be thrilled to share a link to the podcast interview and spread the news through these channels. Also, I will share the link on my media + book media pages on my site where I share my favorites.
  • Interviewing others – paused for now. I’m on a hiatus from doing podcast interviews for 2024.

With Love, What I Say No To: 

  • Informational interviews or “pick my brain” tea dates. After offering these for many years, I now lovingly say no to hopping on the phone to discuss my work, to give a free intake session, or chat about the field of financial therapy. Between being a mom, teaching my Art of Money community, seeing private clients, overseeing a team, creating free content, and doing my best to live a balanced life including self-care, dance, hiking, and family … my life is full to the brim. Instead, I’ve loaded up my site with oodles of high-quality, free content to support and serve you.
  • Online Summits. If you are inviting me to participate in an online telesummit, summit or conference, I will kindly say “no, thank you.” The telesummit model is simply not a great fit for my marketing philosophy and business model and I haven’t participated in this model in over 14 years. 
  • Sending solo /standalone emails to my community about events, products, etc. If you’re on my list and know my community, you know how truly rare it is that I send out a purely promotional email. The only time I do it is when I am speaking at a big live event, for example, Women in the World in New York City. I prefer to lead with amazing content, first and foremost. This is my priority, and it’s hugely important to me. Promotions come second and they happen on social media — Yes: I love sharing naturally when we collaborate! And I will share via social media. But not via a solo email. Period.
  • Mentions in my newsletters. Same as above. I share great content in my newsletters, via articles, and I do not share promotions in my newsletters. What I do offer is this…3 or 4x per year, I create a compilation newsletter with my favorite recent interviews. I choose my favorite podcast interviews after they have happened (I can’t know before) and I will ask for a direct link to the interview to share with my community.
  • Promotional requirements: We all need to follow what feels right for us, our community and our business model.  So, I’ll tell you…when their are requirements, it just doesn’t feel good to me, and it typically goes against my marketing style. Whenever I am asked to negotiate these requirements or bend my guidelines, someone always gets upset. I personally do not require the folks I interview for my blog series or Guest Teachings spots to promote the series in any precise way. I am so grateful that they are giving their time and wisdom to my community. And, I let them decide what feels great for them. I find that there is a natural sharing that happens when the collaboration is great and the content is superb.
  • Hopping on the phone to discuss the details of your event or to prep for the interview. I positively love being interviewed. I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and each one has been special. In short: I’m a pro. So if you’d like to interview me, I no longer offer prep calls before our interview. It takes too much time — and it cuts down on the spontaneous nature of a truly great interview. In lieu of a prep call, I ask that you please review my site first — it’s loaded up with oodles and oodles of great, free content about me and my work. Based on this research, please come up with whatever questions you’d love me to answer — so we can best serve your community. 
  • Affiliate and Joint-Venture Partnerships. I do not offer an affiliate program for my work and I do not participate in other people’s affiliate programs. If I am sharing a program, it is because I have personally experienced it or (at the very least), have grown my relationship with the colleague for many, many months or years and stand behind them and their work 110%. All of this feels cleaner and more elegant (to me) without affiliate or joint-venture arrangements.

Still sound like we’ve got some collaborating to do? Hooray! Please fill out this form and include all of the details of your event: (time frame, your mission, promotional requirements (if any), example of event page and so on). And someone from my team will respond within 2 -3 business days letting you know if it’s a great fit for us. Thank you so much for your interest~

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