Are you in? Art of Money + Free Bonuses Ends Soon!

written by Bari Tessler January 11, 2024

Hello, dear Money Adventurer,

In case you haven’t sorted it out by now, the Art of Money program is now open for registration with a whole gaggle of bonuses.

Gentle head’s up, though: the doors for getting both The Art of Money and these bonuses are closing soon.

So…if you’re ready to create a more heart-grounded, values-in-action, on-top-of-your-game, and sleeping-like-a-peaceful-baby relationship with money … this program could be just the thing for you.

If you’re new here and don’t know what The Art of Money is, here’s the deal:

In a nutshell, The Art of Money is a year-long, online program designed to help you transform your relationship with money.

We’ve been running this program for 12 years now, and in that time more than 5,000 people have been through the journey. (That still blows my mind.)

The Art of Money is the culmination of the decade I spent training in body-centered psychotherapy and over two decades of teaching my financial therapy methodology.

This is all just to say that the methods in this program are tried and tested…and they just work if you commit and put in the work to change your money life. (That’s not always easy, but it’s always worth the effort.)

This life-changing journey is a deeply personal exploration, but it’s one rooted in support, walking alongside the new friends you’ll meet in the community.

I created The Art of Money program to give you literally everything I’ve got.

It has every tool, every tip, every tactic, every ounce of my support, and every little helpful thing I’ve developed over the last 23 years of teaching this work.

In this journey, you’ll get:

  • A year of guidance to bring more compassion, awareness, and intention to your relationship with money
  • A structured framework to ground your journey. We’ll walk you through our three phases: Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps
  • 12 Modules. Each module includes teachings, guest teachers, journaling prompts and workbooks in audio + written formats
  • Personal, couple, and creative entrepreneur money teachings
  • A live, 90-minute group coaching call with me every month
  • A weekly co-working group hosted by our alumni guides
  • A cohort of incredible guest teachers
  • Body-based exercises to help ground you and infuse your money journey with deeper self-knowing, mindfulness, and intention
  • Access to my entire archive library of interviews

The Basket of Free Bonuses (Going away in 3 days)

This year, we’re doing something a little different: giving away a heaping stack of free bonus help for you on your journey (and I’ve never offered 3 of these things ever before.)

Here’s the deal:

Until this coming Sunday night at Midnight, you can get all of these things for free, as in “free brownies” (because “free beer” doesn’t do much for me personally):

  • A live 90-minute Kickstarter Class With Me ​
    Tuesday, January 16th. Hop on a live call with me and kick off 2024 in a good way. We’ll dive right in to some tools you can use right now to start changing things in your financial reality. Why wait when you can get started now?
  • Money Date Workshop. ​
    A 2-hour video workshop. See the exact tools I use to create a ritual infused, somatic-based process I call “Money Dates.” This is a member favorite and is a much more enjoyable way to get things checked off your money to-do list!
  • 2 Chapters From My Husband’s Book About How To Make Money Online Selling Your Knowledge. ​
    Spend a few hours with my brainy online marketing strategy husband, Forest, and get the nuts and bolts details of how to build a revenue stream that allows you to make money by teaching what you love from your laptop. In the industry of people teaching about this topic, Forest is in a category by himself. The amount of specific details and reality checks he shares about how to build a business that monetizes your knowledge is truly rare.
  • Forest’s eBook “Get Out of the Swamp”​
    Ever struggle with feeling stuck and lost about what direction to take your life, career, or work in the world? If you’ve longed for a way to make a thriving amount of money by doing something you’re passionate about but you just can’t figure out which path to take to get there, Forest’s step-by-step system will give you a map to get out of the swamp of despair and off to a life you want to live.

The “Bring A Buddy” Option

You may already be aware of this, but just to make sure: because of the challenging financial landscape that’s impacting almost everyone’s financial reality, we’re making it more affordable than ever for you to start changing your relationship with money:

You and a friend or family member can join together at the reduced “AOM Buddy” rate.

This means that when you join with a buddy, you and your friend, or mom, or cousin, or anyone you want to do the program with, can take advantage of the lower buddy rate and split the cost of the program.

This will make the program cost 40% less for you both and make it twice as powerful.

​Register for the Art of Money right here (and bring a buddy!)

But keep in mind: registration for the program where you can get the big basket of free bonuses ends on Sunday.

So, think about it for a moment…what could happen in your money relationship, and in the rest of your life, if you spent a year bringing smarts, mindfulness, and courageous compassion into this realm?

You can find the full details (and sign up to begin your journey today) right here on this page.

Wishing you all the best and sending my dearest wishes,

Thoughts on The Art of Money from a past member:

“Bari Tessler’s year-long Art of Money program appeared in my life at a time when I really needed it the most.

For most of my life, money had been an issue with much emotional load – whether it was fear, stress, anger, frustration, elation, or hope – yet for some reason, no one had ever connected the dots for me, pointing out that to get my financial life in order, taking care of those emotions and stories and how they showed up in my financial transactions and my approach to my finances was a necessary and extremely effective way of getting on top of my finances.

Enter Bari and her gentle, knowledgeable, and creatively intuitive

approach and teaching. It is safe to say, following through with the program was not only one of the best investments I could make regarding my finances, it also influenced so many other areas of my life.

It turned strained family relationships from toxic to surprisingly supportive, it helped calm and lower my stress levels, supported my own professional development and how I show up for those I am working with, and many of the tools I first learned in The Art of Money I have taken into my private life, and they facilitate communication and help with relationships and friendships.

Because clarity, healing, somatic awareness, and a focused, well-paced, body-centered approach to emotions and sensitivities are useful in every area of life. Combined with the wealth of practical knowledge, experts to reach out to, and the invaluable support of a community of peers, this is really a place to come home to and resource myself for navigating this money/life journey in the best way possible. I highly recommend it!”

~Sibylle Meder

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