Get Better With Money In 2024

written by Bari Tessler January 7, 2024

Dear Money Adventurer,

Here’s a fun stat to start your day: a recent Forbes survey about New Year’s resolutions for 2024 showed that the second most common New Year’s resolution is “to improve my financial life.” (It was just behind “Get in better shape with my fitness.”)

If that stat is accurate, that means there’s a good chance that you’ve got some goals for 2024 around getting better with money, or as I like to say, improving your relationship with money.

If that’s you, I’ve got just the thing…

Starting today, I’m opening up registration for my flagship program, The Art of Money, with some added bonuses(!) that are only available once a year. (I’ll get to those in a sec.)

And to be super transparent with you: this registration period with extra helpful prezzies will only be open for one week.

The year-long Art of Money journey is the best way I know of to take your New Year’s resolutions around money and make them stick for good.

For me personally, I turn “New Year’s resolutions” into “intentions for the coming year.”

It’s a small shift in phrasing, but it’s important to me because I’m not a big fan of setting New Year’s resolutions that get dropped by February 1st.

Making lasting changes around something as deep as how we relate with takes more than a few weeks.

That’s why I’ve structured The Art of Money as a 12-month program that has monthly calls with me and weekly alumni-led community co-working groups.

I give you the map, instructions, live support, and a working environment with peers, and you bring the consistent, gentle elbow grease.

That’s how real transformation happens.

If you’re new here and don’t know what The Art of Money is, here’s the deal:

In a nutshell, The Art of Money is a year-long, online program designed to help you transform your relationship with money.

Since we launched it 11 years ago, over 5,000 people have been through the program.

And the results for members over the years have been nothing short of incredible. Every year we hear their stories…stories of extraordinary healing, heart-opening insights, and deep, lasting change.

Things like financial stress reduction, crystal clear clarity around where their money is going, and the ability to handle whatever emotions that come when life throws money curveballs at them.

The Art of Money is the culmination of a decade of my training in body-centered psychotherapy and 23 years of teaching my financial therapy and emotional literacy.

(If you do the math, yes, this means I started this work when the internet was just a few years old and no one knew what the heck “financial therapy” was, because I was one of the first people to use that term.)

Financial therapy is a deeply personal exploration, but it’s one that’s done with new friends you’ll meet in the monthly calls and in the weekly co-working space led by several of our lovely AOM alumni guides.

This means that you’ll be guided by wise guest teachers, helped by caring guides, and lovingly supported by me and the Art of Money process itself.

I created The Art of Money program to give you literally everything I’ve got.

And I mean that. There is no hidden, crazy expensive, behind-the-scenes mastermind group where I unveil all of the true “secrets” that will lead to massive transformations in your relationship to money. Nope. That’s not how I roll.

This program has every tool, every tip, and every tactic that I’ve developed over the last 23 years of teaching this work.

In the Art of Money journey, you’ll get:

  • My 3-phase methodology of Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps.
  • Live laser coaching support from me in monthly group coaching calls where I work one-on-one with you and other members on video calls.
  • Hard-earned wisdom from over 20 incredible guest teachers.
  • Alumni guides and a global community of fellow money adventurers working alongside you in weekly co-working sessions.
  • “Weekly love” emails from me to help walk you through every gentle baby step in the program.
  • My entire archive library of interviews, worksheets, and so much more.

And what about those free bonuses?

Okay, here’s the scoop.

You’ll get two special things from me and for the first time ever, my husband, Forest, who is a marketing strategy consultant for small online business owners, will give you three of his mini courses.

(He’s like a walking wikipedia of knowledge around marketing and making money online. Seriously. He’s been guiding, strategizing, and implementing most of the marketing efforts in my business since I began.)

In a nutshell, there are 5 free bonuses available for you if you sign up for The Art of Money program over the next 7 days:

  • A live 90-minute kickstarter class with me, 2 days after we close registration. We’ll all gather on a live video call where I’ll share some stories and a few tools to get you started on the path of making changes in your money life right away. Then I’ll open the floor up for a juicy question and answer session. It’s a perfect way to start out the New Year.
  • Money Date Workshop: A 2-hour video workshop where I guide you through the exact tools I use to create a ritual infused, somatic-based process I call “Money Dates.” They’re a creative, playful approach to knocking things off your money to-do list in a way that makes it all actually enjoyable.
  • 2 ebook chapters from a book that Forest is writing. They’re focused on the first phases of starting an online business that can turn your knowledge into income. The amount of strategy and tactics in these chapters is like getting 20 hours of one-on-one consulting from Forest, which he’s done with over 500 small business entrepreneurs over the last 15 years. These courses are full of concrete steps about how to start building a business that can make an impact in your customer’s lives while also making a big impact in your bank account.
  • Forest’s “How To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life” book about how to a path out of what he calls “the swamp of despair.” It’s a place where you get stuck with trying to find your purpose and also find a way to make enough money to live that purpose out in the world. This book gives you a map, a step-by-step system, to get out of the swamp and off to a life full of meaning and purpose.

So, think about it for a moment…what could happen in your financial situation if you spent a year bringing smarts, mindfulness, and courageous compassion into your financial realm?

The Art of Money program is the best way I know of to help make your New Year’s intentions around money turn into your actual reality of day-to-day life.

This is how you turn an aspiration into lasting change.

So here’s the bottom line: The change you seek in your financial realm is very, very possible.

It just takes a bit of time.

Slow, steady growth wins the game.

If this journey to change your relationship with money is calling to you, you can get all the details about The Art of Money program and join us for the 2024 round (and get all the free bonus prezzies too!), right over here.

It would be my honor to guide you through the wilderness of this money realm. And if you’re ready for the adventure, I’ve got my lantern lit and will see you at basecamp soon.

With my dearest wishes,

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