Trust your timing. Not anyone else’s.
Especially with money.

written by Bari Tessler September 18, 2018

Trust your timing.
Not anyone else’s.
Especially with money.

3 years ago, we bought our first house.

I was 46 and my husband was 43.

And, yep: we watched most of our peers (and people younger than us) buy homes long, long before us.

We could’ve compared ourselves to them. Asked what was wrong with us, for still renting in our 40’s. (And, OK, on a few rough days, we may have.)

But you know what? The timing wasn’t right for us before. We simply weren’t ready for a mortgage, and we were happy renting.

And the house we finally got was absolutely perfect for our little family. We waited until buying a house made sense for us financially and felt right, emotionally.

It is SO tempting to beat up on ourselves for being “behind,” with money stuff.

To get frustrated that you aren’t moving forward faster.

To compare yourself with everyone else and always find yourself broken or deficient.

Everyone else has a retirement fund, I must be an imbecile.
He’s making four times what I am, and we started our businesses at the same time.

Please stop this madness.

Trust your timing.

We all have our own pacing. There is no “one right way.” We all reach goals at different times, in different orders.

You might hit one milestone 10 years before your best friend and another, 10 years after her.

Because you know what? Everyone’s version of what a “healthy” and “successful” relationship to money is their own.

YOU get to define this for yourself.

I don’t care if you still have a roommate at 52 or started saving for your retirement at the ripe old age of thirteen. Only YOU get to decide what the right timing is, for you.

As my little family celebrates our house-aversary, we’re not just grateful for our cozy home with a view. We’re also celebrating how we waited … and trusted … and timed things right, for us.

So if you’re working towards a big goal, be patient, my friends. Appreciate where you are right now, while continuing to work towards your goals.

Patience and flow.

Don’t worry about anybody else’s pace … except your own.

With my dearest wishes,

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