You can join the Art of Money Mentor Program starting NOW

written by Bari Tessler January 15, 2023

Dear therapist, coach, or financial professional,

Today’s the big day! We just opened the doors to The Art of Money Mentorship Program for the second time EVER!

After coaching, guiding, and holding space for the incredible growth that our Founding Member cohort experienced last year, I am honored and delighted to offer this mentorship opportunity to our community once again.

This program is the comprehensive training that people have been asking (and sometimes begging) me to create for the last 7 years.

If you’ve been waiting for a way to go deeper into the Art of Money work, for a way to get the support and guidance you need to bring these tools and teachings to your life, your clients, and your business, then today, my friend, is your day.

Soon, you’ll be able to get loving support from me, our mentor community guides, and the incredible guest mentors who will join us to share their unique expertise and professional insight along the way.

So, what is this program about?

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is an opportunity to finally step into a safe space to not only do your own personal money work, but to root your journey of growth in a community of other therapists, coaches, and financial professionals who are doing the same work.

But that’s only part of what this mentorship program is about. You’ll also receive an abundance of support and expert guidance to help you find ways to bring the tools from the Art of Money methodology into your work with clients.

And as our journey together unfolds, you’ll be held in support and encouragement, witnessed by the community (and myself) as you implement these tools in your own practice, building a solid foundation for a more sustainable and successful business.

This program is chock full of tools and practices to bridge the gap between your professional training, and what’s actually happening when you’re working directly with clients and all their money emotions.

There’s been a waitlist for the Art of Money Mentorship Program since before we even opened the doors for the very first time. Many of those awesome therapists, coaches, and financial professionals have already raised their hands and said “YES” to being a part of the second-ever Art of Money Mentorship community.

Soon, they’ll be on their way to doing this whole money dance with more compassion, understanding, and intention as they gain skills to infuse their lives, business practices, and professional client work with mindful money awareness.

In a nutshell, the Art of Money Mentorship Program is a 4-month, intimate, safe, expansive journey to help you transform your own personal and professional relationship with money while giving you the tools you need to help your clients do the same.

We’ll go far deeper into the Art of Money methodology and map out ways for you to bring this life-changing work to your clients.

Weekly mentor calls with me, Q&A calls with four guest mentors, and access to a private community space to connect with other professionals who get where you’re coming from because they’ve been there, too. That’s all part of the program experience.

Extraordinary healing. Heart-opening insights. Deep mentorship. Entrepreneurial expansion. Meaningful community connections. That’s what you can expect inside the Art of Money Mentorship program experience.

Transforming your relationship with money is smoother, sweeter, and more powerful when you let yourself receive expert, loving mentorship in a supportive community.

That is why I created this program for you.

But for now, here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get in this program:

  • 16 weekly, live video mentor calls with support from me to both help you with your own relationship to money and help you learn to be a more effective support for your clients around their money challenges
  • Guest video mentor calls with colleagues of mine to help support us with topics like somatic trauma work, pricing, visibility and how to bring financial therapy practices to your clients.
  • Private members only forum – A safe, welcoming space to explore ideas, ask questions, and connect with a support network of your peers.
  • Art of Money Mentor Guides to help run the community both in the community forum and behind the scenes.
  • Complete Access to the Art of Money Content. Get immediate access to my comprehensive methodology and all 12 Financial Therapy modules in one convenient portal exclusively for the mentorship community.

And, quick head’s up before I go, the Art of Money Mentor Program starts on February 1st. Registration is open for just one week, and there are only 40 spots open.

On behalf of myself, our amazing guest mentors, and our wonderful mentor community guides, if the time is right for you, we can’t wait to welcome you into the program and share this journey with you.

Warm wishes,

P.S. Check out what one of our founding Mentor Program members had to say:

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