Why I’m still not raising the price of the Art of Money

written by Bari Tessler September 21, 2022

Dear Money Adventurer,

“Charge what you’re worth!” “Raise your rates every year!” “Don’t leave money on the table!”

This seemingly well-meaning advice is often framed as encouragement.

But, honestly, I feel stressed out just reading that. Do you?

This is the kind of traditional money advice the world has to offer us. Is there a time and place for this kind of financial guidance? Absolutely.

AND I’m proud to break the rules when it serves a higher purpose.

As we countdown the days until the next season of my year-long Art of Money program begins (Only 5 more days until registration closes!), here’s what that means to me:

1. I haven’t raised the price of The Art of Money in a decade. That’s right. My flagship program, my year-long money school costs the same as it did when I first introduced this offering, ten years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, we work hard to make the program better every year. We are constantly refining and adjusting, checking in with the needs of our community, and adding more learning content, sharing new teachings, interviewing new guest experts, and diving into new money conversations. Some years we overhaul and re-create many of the lessons. Other years we introduce new opportunities for members of the community to connect with each other, like our weekly alum led coworking group. And we’ve done it all without raising the cost of the program.

2. We introduced our “AOM Buddy” rate to make this work more accessible than ever before. That means that you can join with a friend, family member, or whoever your heart desires to share this journey with, split the cost of our Buddy rate for 2, and share the 30% savings.

Whether you pay $1200 upfront in full or take advantage of our 3 month payment plan ($440/month for you and your buddy OR just $220 each for 3 months)–when you bring a buddy, you save money!

In the past, we offered this rate for couples only, but now we are extending it to include any buddy you want. It could be your mom, your sister, a dear old friend halfway around the world, anyone at all.​ Having an Art of Money buddy walking alongside means added support, encouragement, and insight for both of you–and it makes the program more affordable than it’s ever been.

3. Yes, we do offer a 3 month payment plan. I know that having the option of paying for the program in installments can make the difference between you getting the money transformation you need.

4. This work must be accessible. We all can all benefit from bringing more compassion, support, and financial savvy to our money relationships. I’m proud that The Art of Money community includes folks from all financial backgrounds, income levels, and walks of life.

Our diversity translates into a richness of perspective and experience that is truly such a gift to the community experience! And it’s a huge reason I created this program: because not everyone can afford pricey, Private Financial Therapy sessions, or the higher cost of my Mentor Program, but we all have money healing to do. Keeping the price low and offering a payment plan option are essential to keeping this work accessible.

Does this commitment to affordability and accessibility mean that I don’t value myself, my work, or my time? Oh, but I do, to the stars and back.

Is it because I don’t know my way around a business model? Nope, I love geeking out on that stuff!

I’m breaking the “rules” because it’s the right way to align my money with my values and my mission, at this moment in time.

Hear me out — because this isn’t just about me, my work, and my program. It just might give you permission to create some more peace and safety in your own money decisions.

When I first had the vision for The Art of Money program, it included accessible pricing and a payment plan option. Here’s why they’re essential:

Looking at our “money stuff” can be scary. The people in my year-long program are doing brave, rare work. This can kick up tons of fear and resistance! It might sound like: “I can’t afford it,” or, “I have 27 other reasons why I can’t handle my money stuff right now,” or, “that just wouldn’t work for ME.”

I want you to feel safe, good, and relaxed about ALL of your money decisions. Including this one. Most people are already carrying lots of stress, fear, and deep shame around money. A major aspect of this program is helping you unravel and heal these challenging emotions, and the money stories behind them, so you can enjoy more peace, joy, and empowerment in your money life.

So, I’m crystal-clear about my policies. Being vague doesn’t do anyone any favors, especially when it comes to money. I very clearly and carefully explain that The Art of Money is not a monthly membership that you can cancel any time. It’s a year-long program, which you can pay for in full upfront OR by taking advantage of our payment plan. But you’re 100% in or 100% out. This clarity allows me to make generous policies and offers — and stick by them.

And it works. Every time we open the program and I see the community forming from people in dozens of different countries around the world, it fills my heart to overflowing.

The community aspect of the program is where members are witnessed and encouraged in their journeys, rooting their work in personal support to bring more clarity, wisdom, and compassion into their money relationship.

These folks stepping onto the AOM train now are brave souls showing up and saying “YES! I’m finally ready to join this community of like-minded people who want to change how they relate to this thing called money.”

Now, more than ever. The world feels so confusing, stressful, and overwhelming, for so many of us. Having a solid money relationship can help us weather the storm when we confront things that seem beyond our means. We can all use more peace of mind and empowerment around money — especially now.

The gentler path is the more compassionate path…the smarter path … and the sweeter path.

This is what I’ve found, in my life, business, and money relationship.

I’d love to show you just what I mean.

Please take a moment, check in with yourself, and see if The Art of Money is right for you.

I hope to meet you along the path of your money journey.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money, my year-long money school is now open for registration (for a short window). The program weaves together a holistic framework, genuine community support and real-life financial tools with body-based practices and gentle encouragement. You can learn all about the program and join us here.

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