A Safe, Supportive Community to Do Your Own Money Work

written by Bari Tessler May 17, 2022
A Safe, Supportive Community to Do Your Own Money Work

Dear Coaches, Therapists, and Financial Professionals,

Money is an emotional subject.

But you already knew that.

Every day you see your client’s money emotions shape their relationships, the opportunities they see, and the decisions they make.

You see it in your own life, too.

You see it in your need to justify even the most trivial purchase. Or the panicked elephants that stampede into your stomach every time you think about investing in growing your practice.

You see it even in the way your usually outgoing mother gets quiet and fidgety every time someone even says the word “money.”

Over the past twenty-one years, I’ve worked with over 5,000 individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs – and I’ve learned that almost nobody received a real education about money.

Never mind how to talk about money or understand our money emotions, patterns, and behaviors.

The thing is, these skills are essential to the work you do in the world.

They’re capable of revolutionizing the support you can offer your clients, and transforming your relationship with money.

Deep down, you can probably feel an intuition: you know that if you really want to help your clients navigate their challenging money moments, you need to do your own money work first.

That’s why I created The Art of Money Mentorship Program.

I could see that therapists, coaches, and financial professionals needed to have a safe, dedicated space to learn how to do their personal money work.

People like you and me need a place to learn how to work with money emotions and money stories on a personal and professional level.

They need a welcoming container to gain guidance on how to integrate supportive, body-based practices into their daily professional journey. Begin a new journey of growth and understanding. Begin a new journey of growth and understanding.

In this four-month group mentorship program, we’ll dive deeper into the three phases of my financial therapy methodology – Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps, exploring the intersection of emotional literacy and financial literacy, so that you can:

  • Learn to recognize the emotions that come up for you around money, how they feel in your body, and the somatic tools you need to be present even in challenging moments.
  • Dive deep into your Money Story to illuminate the money beliefs and behaviors that you inherited from your family so you can honor and release patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Unravel the money biases and assumptions you’ve internalized through the lived experiences of your community, and your own daily life, and how they shape your interpretation of the world around you.
  • Learn how to talk to yourself, your partner, your family, friends, and clients about money with honesty, compassion, and gentle curiosity so that you can create space for genuine communication, understanding, and support.

This is the side of money that we don’t talk about.

This is the piece you’ve been missing.

Therapists, coaches, and financial professionals in my community have been asking me for this training for years because they know it’s so important.

They know that their clients need this work.

They know they need this work.

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Blending body-based exercises, therapeutic perspectives, and practical financial wisdom, the Mentorship Program will expand your personal and professional toolbox, empowering you to offer more expansive, compassionate, financially savvy support to your clients and yourself.

This work will stretch, challenge, and inspire you.

It will transform your relationship with money–and then ripple outwards through your life, shifting the way you show up in your relationships, in your community, and in your work with your clients.

Are you ready to do the work? Click here to claim your spot in the Art of Money Mentorship Program.

I’m so excited to share this new chapter of growth with you.

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