Art of Money 2020 Facebook Live!

written by Bari Tessler January 29, 2020

Hi there.

Whew! Well that was fun. Our Facebook Live event that happened yesterday was a lovely good time.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can catch the recording of it right below. (And be sure to watch the comment area. My husband was cracking jokes in there while I was talking. That guy…)

Teaching through stories is hands down my favorite way to teach. In the event yesterday, I shared a couple of hard-to-tell stories of challenges from my own path of money work.

Involved in these two particular stories: hyperventilating in the bathroom of a car dealer and panic in the kitchen with a letter from the IRS in my hands.

And the reason for sharing these humbling stories? Is to show you some tools you can use when the time comes to face your own money challenges.

But here’s the thing: the point of money work isn’t to avoid every financial stress and situation in life. That’s impossible.

The point is to give ourselves the tools and resources to deal more consciously and compassionately with money situations when they inevitably arise.

And the best way to learn about those tools is through stories.

That’s why The Art of Money 2020 is loaded to the brim with stories. Stories from over two dozen guest teachers. Stories from past students. Stories from my own life.

Those stories will start to be told soon. The Art of Money 2020 starts in 3 days, on the morning of Saturday, February 1st. That means that this Friday is the day to get on the Art of Money train, because it leaves in the morning.

I crafted this program to be a year-long journey of exploration and growth that happens for everyone in the program together at the same time.

One of the results of this year-long journey format is that we won’t open the course for registration again until we do that for the Art of Money 2021 round of the program.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering if now is the time, wondering if this is your year to finally, finally get some support so you can get to a better state of being around money, the time to make the decision has arrived.

My team and I would love to support you through this journey in the coming year, just like we’ll do for the hundreds of people already in the program.

Sign up for the Art of Money 2020 program right here.

What money stories will you live and tell this year? What goodness may come?

Regardless of whether or not you join us on the Art of Money 2020 train, may your money stories be good ones.

With my dearest wishes,
~Bari Tessler

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