What do women’s finance, my favorite jeans, and lattes have in common?

written by Bari Tessler December 14, 2021
Democracy Jeans, Your Permission Prescription, financial books

Dear Money Adventurer,

I truly believe that when we speak the truth about money, we open doors to new possibilities, foster deeper understanding, and create space for genuine healing and transformation.

Step by step, story by story, we chip away at taboos, social norms, and expectations, and begin to create a more authentic, more equitable, more accessible conversation about money.

In honor and celebration of showing up to own your voice, share your story, and become a part of a more honest, more genuine, more empowering conversation about money, here are a few of my favorite stories, interviews, and media highlights from the past year.

🦋 I recently had the joy and privilege of joining my dear friend Nancy Levin on her podcast, “Your Permission Prescription” to chat body check-ins, money dates, my second book, and how to talk to your sweetie and your kids about money – and what that looks like in my own life. Click here to listen in for a little loving inspiration to bring deeper awareness, healing, and understanding to your relationship with money.

🦋 I was delighted when Democracy Jeans reached out to discuss featuring me in their Jean Journey stories. While they wanted to highlight my life and my work, they also wanted to talk about my body and what makes me feel good in it. Over the last 5 years I’ve been sharing some of my journey through perimenopause, of learning to love and be comfortable in my changing body, and my genuine excitement to be in this phase of my life, and it felt oh so empowering to have that journey honored and recognized alongside my money work. Click here to read more about my Jean Journey and embracing your body through all stages of life.

🦋 Looking for a great book to add an extra dose of money wisdom, strategy, and inspiration to your “To Be Read” pile? Hoping to find a female author on the traditionally male-dominated finance shelves? I’m in GREAT company! Z Feed shared a fabulous list of 5 Financial Advice Books Written By Women To Help Set Yourself Up For the Future and no matter where you are in your own money journey, whether you’re in survival mode or learning to manage and invest your wealth, they’ve got a great read waiting for you (and check out whose first book made the list!).

🦋 Speaking of books – after years of questions, hopes, and dreams, my second book, The Art of Money Workbook, will hit bookshelves on June 7, 2022 (pre-order your copy here!). To say that I can’t wait is putting it mildly! So, when Publisher’s Weekly gave The Art of Money Workbook a shout out in It’s Not About the Latte: Business and Personal Finance Books 2021, I was over the moon. Talk about starting a new conversation about money – this paradigm shifting list steps away from the conventional financial advice in favor of exploring a more nuanced, accessible, and more socially informed approach to money with more than a few titles to bolster your holiday reading list.

Step by step, story by story, we’re showing up more authentically, more boldly, and we’re changing the conversation in new, exciting, and unexpected ways!

Thank you for showing up with me.

P.S. The Art of Money 2022 opens for registration on Jan 5th.

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