Do you need Financial Therapy support?

written by Bari Tessler April 20, 2023

My Art of Money group program is the most affordable way I offer my somatic-based financial therapy support.

Working on our money relationship can bring up so many emotions, especially when we try to do it alone.

That’s why the Art of Money program is designed the way it is. It’s not just a collection of self-paced online learning materials that you go through alone at your own pace.

Sure, that’s a part of the experience, but the bigger, way more valuable part of it is the support and encouragement from the community of other program members, from my team of alumni guides, and directly from me.

It’s a whole big family of folks committed to showing up and doing their own money work…but doing it together.

We have plenty of support to go around to help us all through hard times and good times. And getting the support you need is a brave and beautiful thing.

So, if you need some financial therapy, my Art of Money program is an affordable way to receive this support in a loving community.

The Art of Money program integrates emotional literacy with financial literacy and offers a comprehensive, holistic framework to create authentic, sustainable change and real-life transformation in your relationship with money.

You’ll receive:

🦋A year of guidance, support, and expertise to bring more compassion, awareness, and intention to your relationship with money
🦋A structured framework to ground your journey. We’ll walk you through our three phases: Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps
🦋12 Modules. Each module includes teachings, guest teachers, journaling prompts and workbooks in audio + written formats
🦋Personal, couple and creative entrepreneur money teachings
🦋A Live, Office Hours Call with Me every month
🦋Weekly Coworking Group hosted by our alumni guides
🦋Incredible Guest Teachers.
🦋Body-based exercises to help ground you and infuse your money journey with deeper self-knowing, mindfulness, and intention.
🦋Access to my entire Library of interviews
🦋Updated Macro Money section to highlight larger money system issues and resources
🦋Affordable pricing with our buddy discount. Bring your BFF, your sister, your mom or anyone you choose.
🦋Ongoing Guidance, Encouragement, and Love.

We would love to welcome you into the program. To learn more, head to our program page.

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