Art of Money On-Demand + 12 Payment Plan Going Away

written by Bari Tessler November 16, 2021
Art of Money On-Demand + 12 Payment Plan Going Away

Dear Money Adventurer,

There’s a bit of change in the air this Fall over here at Art of Money headquarters.

After experimenting this year with an on-demand availability model for the Art of Money program, we’re moving back to an open/close registration model.

Why? Well, that’s a story for a behind-the-scenes blog post sometime soon.

The important thing, for now, is that in 5 days we’re closing the on-demand registration option and we’re also removing the 12 monthly payment plan option.

Don’t worry! We’ll open up the year-long Art of Money program for a short registration period in early January of 2022.

But for now, if there’s been a quiet shirt-tug from some part of you that’s wanted to work on improving your relationship with money, now might be a really good time to jump in.

With 12 monthly modules of teachings from me and 25+ guest teachers, community support, alumni guide support, and live monthly office hour calls with me, this program is the best way I know of to help you shift the way you relate with money in your life.

Expect deep wisdom and practical how-tos. Reflective solitude and community connection. Pattern-untangling and self-care to-the-max. Rich community support and skilled leadership. A visionary approach to serve you for a lifetime.

When you bring healing, humanity, and smarts to your money relationship, the benefits ripple out to every area of your life.

So, my dear money adventurer, here’s your head’s up: the on-demand registration option for the Art of Money program will be gone at the end of this Monday, November 22nd, and along with it, the last chance to join the program through a low 12 monthly payment plan of $88 for solo and $108 if you join with a buddy (so $54 if you bring a friend and you split the cost together.)

If now feels like the time for you to finally make money your ally in life, I so look forward to seeing you on the other side in the program, and on the live calls.

Learn more about the program and join us right here:

Join The Art of Money Program

With my dearest wishes,

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