Hey brave adventurer…

Do you feel scared, stressed and uncomfortable about your finances? 
Do you yearn for more clarity and peace in your money life? 
Do you want to feel empowered, clear and at ease around money….instead of cloaked in fear or shame? 

Buckle up — it's time for a road trip.  Destination: Financial Happiness!

In this FREE mini-course, I’m distilling some of my most impactful money tools into 7 emails. 

After completing this email series you’ll walk away with:

  • My #1 favorite tool to shed money shame (you know...that little voice in your head that says things like “I should be SO much better at this money thing than I am. Sigh. I’m such a failure.”) This in itself is transformative, because that voice of yours stops you from making ANY positive progress in your money life.  
  • A clear view of the nuts and bolts of a money tracking system and how to do your money game differently. (This is the part where we take dry, boring, bookkeeping skills, and infuse them with chocolate, wine, and candles)
  • How to bring your big life dreams into reality...by bringing ALL of you to your relationship with money. 
  • How “money dates” can disperse the fog (and resistance) from your relationship with money. Once and for all. Right now.

This roadmap is packed with tips, tools, and tricks you can start practicing today to begin to heal your relationship with money, and improve your financial reality.