Hey brave adventurer…

Do you feel scared, stressed and uncomfortable about your finances? Do you yearn for more clarity and peace in your money life? Do you want to feel more empowered ….instead of cloaked in fear or shame?

Buckle up — it's time for a road trip. Destination: Financial Happiness!

In this FREE mini-course, I’m distilling some of my most impactful money tools into 7 emails.

We are so excited to share our 3-phase Financial Therapy methodology with you. We know it will be so helpful for you in your money life.

You see, there are three different kinds of work we must engage with to create healthy, sustainable changes in our relationship to money.

1. Money Healing

This is the emotional work of creating an honest, mature relationship with money. Here, we dissolve shame. We get clear on the “Money Story” we’ve accumulated over the course of a lifetime (and all the patterns we’ve inherited from our family of origin, lineage, and culture). We identify and unwind patterns that no longer serve us. We claim our value. We learn emotional and body-based techniques to support our journey, and ensure we’re working with self-care, acceptance, and love along the way.

2. Money Practices

This is the practical, nuts ‘n’ bolts, number-crunching, systems and habits of an ongoing, clear-eyed, supportive relationship with money. Here, we gather data. We learn the language of money. We set up daily/weekly/monthly/annual money practices to engage with our numbers. And we strive to do all this in ways that are personally meaningful, and aligned with our deepest values. We find new, creative, playful, and life-affirming ways to interact with our money. (Buh bye dry, dusty budgeting. Hellooooo, values-based bookkeeping!)

3. Money Maps

This is the big picture of your dreams, goals, and plans - how they’re unfolding, and how money can fuel them. In this realm, we embrace conscious spending, identify how money can best support our changing lives, and explore the legacy we want to leave behind. Here, we learn how to make great money decisions, based not only on the numbers, but also on your values, phase of life, and more.

Each phase is always happening. They're woven together, and each one affects the other.

In this email series, you’ll learn:

  • How to clarify what your set of Money Emotions are (from shame, to anger, to anxiety, to hope, joy and appreciation).
  • My #1 favorite tool, the body-check-in, which is a wonderful somatic tool to help you not just name the money emotions but learn how to sit with them, feel them and move them (so they don’t overwhelm you).
  • How to get intimate with your own, unique money story so that you can learn what’s working, what’s not working and begin to rewrite your money story.
  • How to take yourself on a Money Date that is filled with creativity, fun and empowerment. (Tip: chocolate, candles and your favorite music are welcome!)
  • How to go from boring, dry, rigid Budgeting to our version of Money Maps. You’ll learn how to infuse this journey with your values, priorities, goals, dreams and the numbers.

This roadmap is packed with tips, tools, and strategies you can start practicing today to begin to heal your relationship with money and feel so much more empowered in this area of life.

Are you ready to start your Art of Money Roadtrip?