The Rebel Therapist and a New Way of Doing Business

written by Bari Tessler July 7, 2021
The rebel therapist and a new way of doing business

Dear Money Adventurer,

One of the things I love most about my work as a Financial Therapist is empowering folks to break through the taboos our society has built around money and crafting a new type of private practice or business.

In those moments there is a spark of freedom, of a deeper knowing, of self-determination – of rebellion against that which does not serve our greatest good and the greater good.

It is profoundly beautiful, potently powerful, and, if we’re being honest, a little scary.

As human beings we’re wired for connection – we desperately want to belong, and rocking the boat risks undermining that sense of security and acceptance.

This brave work is not for the faint of heart.

For business owners and creative entrepreneurs who are committed to being the change they want to see in the world, there is a fine line between scarcity and sustainability. As a society, we seem to have bought into the belief that if you want to do good in the world – you better not expect to make more than just enough to meet your basic needs, and you certainly should not expect to be profitable. We’re still carrying around these unconscious beliefs that money is “dirty” or “unethical,” that there is something shallow about desiring comfort, security, and success.

Obviously, there is some unpacking to do here. So, let’s talk about it.

Earlier this summer, I had the joy and privilege of interviewing Annie Schuessler, a fellow therapist, Art of Money alum, and host of the phenomenal podcast, “Rebel Therapist.” When Annie first started her private therapy practice, she struggled with her mindset around money, with not knowing how to build her business, and how to balance her desire to help folks heal while also supporting her family.

Twenty years later, Annie has found her spark, mentoring therapists to build ethical, sustainable businesses that honor their passions, the way they want to show up, and the work they want to do in the world.

Listen in as we challenge the status quo and explore:

  • How Annie confronted scarcity and the limiting beliefs around money that were undermining her professional and financial success
  • How “rocking the boat” and talking honestly about her struggles and experiences led Annie to create a business that is both fulfilling AND capable of supporting her family
  • Honoring queer, feminist values in a capitalist society
  • How Annie helps therapists who feel stuck in their practice cultivate new outlets of inspiration and create new opportunities for success
  • What it means to be a “rebel therapist”

I’m so excited to introduce you to Annie and share her story of growth, self-discovery, and transformation with you! If you’re feeling stuck, seeking inspiration, or just love hearing others share their money stories, tune in here for the full episode.

And let this be a loving reminder that, just like Annie, you have the power to change the narrative and write a new chapter in your money story.
I believe in you.

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