Friends Who Talk Money, Homeschooling and Vulva Lotions~

written by Bari Tessler December 2, 2020
Friends Who Talk Money, Homeschooling and Vulva Lotions~

Hey Friend:

I’m very excited to share 3 of my favorite recent podcast interviews with you. I’ve been getting some fabulous invitations lately (which I am so grateful for) and meeting lots of new people this way. This is so lovely to be doing while I am staying home and it’s been quite a lifeline.

Sage Family podcast with Rachel Rainbolt
I’m over at Sage Family today. We talked about all things Financial Therapy, money healing, money practices, money maps, along with how to have open money conversations with your spouse and your kids. Rachel’s podcast honors family, parenting and homeschooling. She homeschools-unschools her 3 kids. And we just started homeschooling our boy a few months ago and he’s loving it. So I have to learn from Rachel! I was meeting Rachel for the first time and loved connecting with her. Enjoy this interview, here.

Friends Who Talk About Money podcast
I was very excited to be invited as a guest expert on this new podcast (hosted by Claire Wasserman) where they invite all kinds of money conversations. Mother/daughter, best friends, spouses, all talking money strengths and challenges with a financial expert weighing in at the end. It’s similar to my Money Memoir series but with a different focus and style. I’m very happy to be supporting all of us to learn how to get more comfortable talking about money, especially with the people we are closest to.

Here’s the description of the episode: “A mother and son discuss pulling together through financial collapse: When you lose your business and your home in the middle of a recession, how do you hold it all together? Mother and son, Beth and Gordon, discuss picking up the pieces after their family’s financial implosion and how tackling their money issues as a team transformed their relationship to money and each other. This episode’s expert is Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist and author of The Art of Money. Bari unpacks Beth and Gordon’s “money story” and offers tips for how other families can approach financial uncertainty.” Enjoy this interview here.

Rose Woman podcast with Christine Marie Mason
This is my interview with Christine, Founder of Rosebud Women. Rosebud creates luxury vaginal and vulvar skincare formulations. I haven’t tried the products, yet, but they are in the mail and I am so excited to try them! The interview is all about my Financial Therapy work. You see, some of her team read my Art of Money book, created a book club around it, had a life-changing experience (their words) and then they reached out to me for the interview. It was my first time meeting Christine, the Founder. What a lovely powerhouse she is. Christine is a mom, previous tech founder, and ran TedX San Francisco for many years. ** Please know this interview happened on a Monday right after election week, which then became election weekend. My energy was out the roof of my head. Whereas the next interview I did a week later (the one with Sage Family above) I could fully feel my feet on the ground again. It was wonderful connecting with Christine even in my wild election energy. Enjoy this interview here.

I hope you enjoy all of these interviews.

Sending my dearest wishes,

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