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written by Bari Tessler September 15, 2020
Baking Reading Researching Cat Stories

I want to share some resources and a few personal updates this week.

I was recently interviewed on this podcast, Self Self-Kindness with Pete.

I was featured here: 5 Resources to Build A Better Relationship to Money, 50 Money Moves to Make in a Recession and 7 Money Mindset Books That Will Change Your Life.

I’m researching: Learning How To Apologize and Why It Matters: With Brene Brown and Harriet Lerner. Pondering how I want to continue to engage with social media after watching this: This Social Dilemma. Deeply touched by this piece on Grief, Covid and BLM: A Personal Tragedy Followed By the Pandemic.

What I’m reading: I love to share my newest reads on social media. As you’ll see, I’m only reading fiction and memoirs these days. My favorite recent reads: Black Authors such as Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo, Homegoing Yaa Gyasi, and Hunger Roxanne Gay, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, Luster by Raven Leilani and Abandon Me by Melissa Febos, to name a few.

My Baking Adventures: My husband and son will remember this time as the time I started baking and cooking out of nowhere. Yes it started soon after Covid 19 arrived and we were all on lockdown and I needed something creative to do. I wanted something creative beyond my mind which is typically where I put most of my creativity. But I didn’t plan it out. It just started happening. Because of this, I’m seeing how good it is to surprise myself. It’s also a way for me to meet the unknown by doing something that has been so unknown to me. When I ask my husband for feedback on my baking or cooking, he says everything is amazing and I know he truly means this. My son, on the other hand, while loves all the baking I’m doing, gives me very clear suggestions on how each dish can be be better next time! You can read more about my baking journey here: breakfast sandwich, chicken pot pie, apple dutchbaby, creamy chicken orzo, and brownies, to name just a few of our family favorites.

Our cat clan: Over the last few months, we went from 4 cats to 5 cats and then back to 4 cats again. Four months ago, we adopted the cutest tuxedo baby kitty, named Mosi. He had quite the challenging journey before we adopted him and then within 24 hours of bringing him home, he had some big health issues. But, after months of intensive care (yes I felt like I was back in postpartum again and barely sleeping), I’m so happy to report that he is totally healthy now. You can see a recent photo of him here. He is very smart, clever, incredibly cuddly and funny. During this time, we also said goodbye to our elder girl cat, Lily. We had her since she was a baby when we lived in an apple orchard in California. We knew she was coming to her end for a few months and she gifted us with such a beautiful end to her life. She came to the foot of my bed on the morning of her passage telling me she was really close. We were able to bring her to the couch, made a special cozy bed for her to rest and gratefully were able to be so present with her all day and into the night. I was with her at 2:00am when she took her final breath and shared more of the story here. You can see one of her brothers resting with her in her final hours which is truly precious.

Ok, that’s my little update for now. I know this is a tender time for all of us. I hope that you are finding some joy, creativity, and some beauty along with all the challenges that we are experiencing this year.

Sending my love and dearest wishes of support,


P.S. The Art of Money 2021 Opens on October 8th for Early Bird Enrollment!

Though the program isn’t open for registration yet, you can review all the details about it, including the curriculum, guest teachers, and community calls on my Art of Money program page.

The biggest new thing happening with my Art of Money program for this next round is that in addition to us not raising the cost of the program we’ll also offer a new payment option: you and a friend/mother/father/brother/sister/colleague/etc. can join the program together for the same low, discounted rate we’ve always offered couples who join the program.

That means you and a friend will be able to join at the discounted couple’s rate and you can split the expense between you.

With all that’s going on in our painful and beautiful world, it’s more important than ever to find a safe community space where you can talk through money issues. That is one of the most important parts of the Art of Money program…the community support, both from me and other members in the program.

We’ll be opening for our early-bird registration on October 8th. So, stay tuned and get ready. If you could use some extra affordable support in your money life, I can’t wait to welcome you…

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