Money Work Is Better Together + AOM Closes In 3 Days

written by Bari Tessler October 14, 2020
Art of Money Guest Teachers

Dear friend,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the short n’ sweet moments of money wisdom in the mochas we’ve sent over the last week.

I love, love, love to send out these sample sips of the kind of things that members in the Art of Money program get to deep dive into throughout their year-long journey in the program.

Speaking of the Art of Money program, it begins for the early birds in just 3 days!

This year it’s looking like there’s going to be lots of extra love and support from the community aspect of the program.

The community is already forming into a larger than normal group of money adventurers because of the “bring a buddy” option we’ve got on the table during this early bird registration.

Every year when we open the program and I see the community forming from people in dozens of different countries around the world, it literally warms my heart. The community aspect of the program is truly where members find oodles of support for bringing more peace, savvy, and compassion into their money relationship.

These folks stepping onto the AOM train now are brave souls showing up and saying “YES! I’m finally ready to join this community of like-minded people who want to change how they relate to this thing called money.”

I haven’t seen the faces of these new folks coming into the program yet, but I know they’re beautiful because I’ve seen all the faces of members in the past 8 years we’ve run this program.

Beautiful faces like these:

And this year, these courageous money adventurers showing up from around the world for the Art of Money 2021 program will be supported by a group of 15 alumni in the private, secure community space. There’s literally a whole community of Art of Money graduates that will welcome the new community of first-timers.

The community love doesn’t stop there. There’s another built-in community to support you in the Art of Money experience: the community of guest teachers. The wisdom of these teachers is right inside the program, waiting to help you out along the journey.

Here’s a handful of these wise beings:

Art of Money Guest Teachers

As I mentioned above, it seems the community is going to be larger than normal this year because of this: for the first (and perhaps only) time, we’re allowing anyone to join the Art of Money 2021 program with anyone they choose, and the two of you can join at the lower couple’s rate, which we’ve only ever offered to two people in an intimate relationship who are working on their money relationship together.

And so far, whoa…lots of people are choosing that option. They’re bringing their BFFs, or their daughters, or their dads…it could literally be anyone you choose.

This year, the Art of Money program is fixing to be a big ‘ol warm and cozy community experience with support and help happening all over the place.

And here’s the thing: no matter what you want your relationship to money to feel like — confidant, peaceful, sacred, empowered, minimalist, lush — the journey is better with friends.

When we do this work together, we stop suffering in isolation…and start hoping and creating. Together.

If you’re ready to join me and the AOM 2021 community on the train, you can grab your boarding pass right this way. (And remember, you can bring a friend, get the lower AOM buddy rate, and then split the cost together. Twice the goodness for half the cost…and we may not offer this again once this early bird registration is over in a few days.)

The first live class for the early birds happens this Sunday, and you’ll also get a suitcase full of bonuses that will help you get some loving support on your money journey right away.

These bonuses are a potent blend of practical, personal, and spiritual work, chock-full of mini-practices and insights you can start applying, immediately.

You can join us right here.

Hope to see you on the Art of Money train soon! You’ll find me in the dinner car bringing dark chocolate bars to everyone, because…chocolate is the answer. The question is irrelevant.

Dearest wishes,

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