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The Art of Money 2019 starts today!

written by Bari Tessler February 1, 2019
Bari Tessler | Art of Money Starts Today

OK! Here’s your ultra-quickie, down-to-the-wire, loving nudge: 

The Art of Money 2019 starts today!

In a few hours, we’ll cut the red ribbon + open up our private community.

This is where we’ll be gathering for the next year, and it is SO special. We celebrate each other’s baby steps (no victory is too small for a virtual high five and dance party!).

Every year, I’m blown away by how kind and loving the Art of Money community is. You all are a truly special group!

We have deep, vulnerable conversations about money and work and life, in here. We laugh, ask questions, and get amazing support — from each other, my wonderful team of TA’s, and yours truly! (Yes! I’m in there All. The. Time.)

Today our first Monthly Mission goes live, too!

Yep, our February content’s going live in a few hours: including the first steps of my methodology, warm audio welcomes from me, worksheets and guides, and our first wonderful Guest Teacher interviews.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining The Art of Money …

But you don’t want to let another year slip by without lovingly transforming your money relationship …

Now’s the time to join us.

Join The Art of Money 2019.

The Art of Money is …

… For individuals, couples, parents, and creative entrepreneurs.

… A holistic approach to money, integrating Money Healing, Money Practices + Money Maps.

… The fullest evolution of my 18 years of deep money work & and a decade of body-centered therapy before that.

… A time-tested container for creating lasting, profound transformation in your money relationship (and beyond).

… All at an affordable monthly price.

… THE way to work with me in 2019.

MONEY is the source of so much stress, shame, and suffering. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can transform your relationship with money.

You can let go and forgive. You can get smart and savvy.

You can transform this sore spot in your life into a refuge for peace, a playground of creativity, and a trustworthy sparring partner, helping you build integrity, meaning, and empowerment.

This. Changes. Everything.

That’s what we’re up to in The Art of Money.

Together, we’re creating a world of more mindfulness and compassion. More strength and heart.

It all starts with you.

Right here. Right now.

Are you ready to join us?

Sign up for The Art of Money 2019 here.

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P.S. Ummmm, can I brag on my team for a minute? We have created the most mind-blowing-ly complete FAQ page I’ve MAYBE ever seen. And it’s ultra-organized and chic!

If you have a question about The Art of Money, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts you’ll find an answer there.

Read our astonishingly robust FAQ page here.

P.P.S. Wanna hear from real people who’ve gone through The Art of Money?

We’ve got dozens of stories — including a few videos — from Art of Moneyers on our program page.

Bask in the money transformation inspiration right here.

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