Your For-Realzies Last Chance to join The Art of Money 2019.

written by Bari Tessler February 19, 2019
Art of Money 2019

Dear Community,

Here it is: your absolute final, down to the wire, quickie, loving nudge:

This is your last chance to join The Art of Money 2019.

We’ve quietly kept our doors open to The Art of Money 2019, the past few weeks, instead of slamming them shut when the program officially began on February 1st.

I take this non-traditional, non-aggressive, soft-close approach because I LOVE doing business to the beat of my very own drummer (my heart).

But even more importantly, I love giving people a downright luxurious amount of time to decide whether The Art of Money is right for them.

After all, I’m all about making conscious, meaningful money decisions. The decisions that feel SOOO good. And flashing red “buy now or else!” signs don’t really do that for me.

But that comfy, luxurious time is coming to an official end — and with a great reason.

Our first LIVE Community Q&A Call for The Art of Money 2019 is in two days on 2/21.

I know how brave and vulnerable it is to say YES to transforming your money relationship.

Here’s your last chance to join The Art of Money 2019.

If you join now, you’ll be able to join us on February 21st for our first community call of the year. I’ll welcome everyone, do some teaching, and answer our first batch of community questions.

(And yes: while it’s wonderful to join us live when you can, we always record these calls so you can access them whenever your schedule and time zone allow!)

Don’t worry: if you join now, you won’t be “behind.”

Yes, we opened our community already. But all of the materials are available to you in our private Members’ Area.

Plus, even though there’s a clear framework for The Art of Money, much of it is go-at-your-own-pace.

So if you join today, you’ll be right on time. YOUR time.

If you’re SO ready to make friends and make peace with money in 2019, I’d be honored to welcome you to our community.

Quickie recap: The Art of Money 2019 includes:

  • My entire, 3-phase methodology so you can transform your money relationship in a gentle, sustainable, holistic way.
  • Ongoing support and accountability baked right in (weekly Love Notes and Monthly Missions).
  • LIVE monthly teaching and Q&A calls with me.
  • Access to our vibrant, global Facebook group (totally private).
  • Support from my incredible, heart-plucked team of Teaching Assistant’s.
  • Dozens of incredible Guest Teacher interviews on the many facets of money.
  • Access to the materials for the lifetime of the program (many, many years to come).
  • All at an affordable monthly price.
  • Are you ready? Our doors truly are closing for good … so please join us now if The Art of Money is calling you.

Register for The Art of Money 2019 here.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. After Friday, you won’t be able to join The Art of Money until the 2020 class opens.

And by then? You could move mountains, in your money relationship. On the emotional, practical, psychological, and spiritual levels.

You can still join the program now and do tremendous inner work and outer work this year. I’ve poured everything I’ve got into The Art of Money. And I would be so honored to welcome you into this life-changing journey.

Join The Art of Money 2019 here.

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