Visibility Medicine for Your Business

written by Bari Tessler August 23, 2022
Visibility Medicine

Dear Money Adventurer,

This was one of the most popular episodes of my Art of Money podcast last year, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

I had the joy of interviewing one of my favorite people and dearest friends, Danielle Cohen, who joined me on the Art of Money podcast to share her own story of integrating life, money, and business as a woman, a mother, and a creative entrepreneur who has been forging her own path for over 20 years.

Danielle is a visibility coach, professional photographer, business mentor, and educator with a unique talent for helping others step into and offer their greatest work by becoming more visible, owning their story and their magic, and sharing it with the world.

This conversation is a deep soul dive into the stuff of life – we cover themes of motherhood, family, and relationships, creating new beginnings, pivoting a business during the pandemic, and everything that comes along with it.

This is a raw, unfiltered exploration of:

🦋 What visibility is and what it means to be witnessed
🦋 Learning to meet yourself with honesty, compassion, and grace
🦋 The myth of balance and what it looks like to seek integration instead
🦋 Defining what value and accessibility mean in your business (and your pricing!)
🦋 How to honor the value of what you have to offer – and what you need to thrive and survive

Listen here to learn what it means to take up space and how Danielle is empowering women in business to name and claim their genius, their values, and their mission – and then get known and visible for it.

Listen Here:

This isn’t a traditional episode of The Art of Money. More than an interview, this is a sharing of life between friends, a frank examination of joy and sustainability, what it means to show up in the world, and forging a path that feels authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling to you.

This is a story of discovery, of navigating the intersection of emotional literacy, financial literacy, business acumen, life – and all the space between. May you see yourself reflected here and be inspired to show up more fully in your own story.

With my very best wishes,

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