Oh, my heart, Charlottesville.
(Plus 2017’s hidden gems.)

written by Bari Tessler August 10, 2017

Dear Community,

I had a gentle content roundup planned for you this week — all about how “August is for integration” (which you’ll see below).

And then the tragic, infuriating events in Charlottesville, Virginia happened.

And I looked at the opening line of my planned email (which had been written a few days prior). It said: “Virginia is for lovers. Rules are for breaking. And August is for integration.”

Oooof. Uncanny.

It’s hard to know the right thing to say, at a time like this. I might stumble over my words and make mistakes in my communication, but I will not be silent. As a Jewish woman, I have deep fears around all of this and around speaking up. AND: I will speak out against hatred, racism, and violence. My husband — a white man with a huge heart — is speaking out, too (you can read his response here.)

My heart is with you and breaking for you, Charlottesville.

And for everywhere else this is happening — in our country and the world.

I am doing my own personal work around so many of the issues that have been raised, here. This includes continuing my money work and helping amplify diverse voices in my interview series. 

Here are some things on my heart and mind, right now:

Below, you’ll find a list of some of my favorite articles I’ve already published this year — but no new material.

Of course, if you take a moment to take them in, I hope they nourish you on many levels. But I’m also glad to offer you (in my own, small way) an opportunity to focus on other, very pressing issues. To integrate these events, your feelings about them, and what you want to do about them.

Whatever you choose to do with today, this week, and this August, I hope you do it with gentleness, love, and courage. Because we’ve got work to do.



Here are a few of my fave pieces of content from this year that you might’ve missed.

Trade: The Yin Currency I Love to UseTrade The Yin Currency I Love to Use
Trade can be tricksy — that’s why I wouldn’t do it for a full decade! But in the past few years I’ve said YES to it and begun trading  more than ever before. It’s become such a fulfilling, nurturing form of exchange! Here’s how I make it work. I hope this inspires you to start or fine-tune your own trades, if that’s right for you!


The Yin and Yang of Money:
Complementary Currenciesyin and yang currency
Years ago, I met the renowned economist, Bernard Lietaer (who created the Euro). He absolutely blew me away with his stories about complementary and “yin” currencies. Here’s some of what I learned from him — my “macro” money mentor. (This is actually a vintage article that got a major upgrade this year.)


Bookkeepers and Accountants and Financial Support Team
Money Coaches, Oh, My!
It’s OK to ask for help, when it comes to money. It’s OK to not know everything. In fact? Building a Financial Support Team is an amazing, strong, smart thing to do. Here’s a run-down of what different professionals do and how to find a great fit.


A beginner’s guide to
Financial TherapyFinancial Therapist
When I hung my shingle as a Financial Therapist years ago, hardly anyone else used that term. Now, it’s a growing field — but how exactly is it different from what other financial professionals do? If you want to explore it (or are thinking of becoming a Financial Therapist, yourself), here’s where to start.


My book’s first birthday!Art of Money Book Birthday
The 30 reasons I’m celebrating.
I’m such a proud book mama! Here’s the rundown of awards and behind-the-scenes sweetness and challenges overcome that went into this book.


What’s my business model?
16 years. 4 phases.4 phases blog post
Plus questions for YOUR journey.
Success doesn’t happen overnight. Creative entrepreneurship means constantly refining, fine-tuning, and evolving. Here’s the whole story of how my business began, how it’s grown and shifted over the years, and suggestions for how you might craft and tweak your own business model.


9 ways to survive cashflow dips9 ways to survive cashflow dips (and maybe even bless ‘em).
(and maybe even bless ‘em)
I plucked this guest teacher interview from behind the scenes of my Art of Money program — it was just so good, I had to share it with all of you! Here, I chat with Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies about simple strategies to bring in cash when you really need it (including some surprising silver linings).


7 Tools to Transform Your Tax Day
Taxes bring up a ton of resistance for many people. It’s tricksy territory! Here are a few strategies I’ve implemented in my own relationship with taxes. Whether you’re still reeling from April or getting ready to file your quarterlies, I hope these gentle reminders support you.


Want your own Art of Money
book club?
When my book hit the shelves, little book clubs started popping up, all over. Oh, this makes me so happy! In fact, I’m extra-honored to have recently been interviewed for this US News & World Report article about financial book clubs, where I shared: “If you have other people witnessing you, supporting you, then things transform.” If you want to create your own book club, here’s a free PDF guide from me to you.


The three phases of deep money workThree Phases of Art of Money methodology
You might have heard me talk about the 3 phases of my methodology — Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps. But what are they? Where did they come from? And how do you know which you need? Here’s the full scoop.



What we learned from aWhat we learned from a Money Date with our 8-year-old.
Money Date with our 8-year-old
Straight from the trenches! Here’s a real-life story of how our Noah — a master negotiator, as you’ll see — asked to buy an X-Box. I’m proud of how our family talked this all through … and of my boy’s precocious financial savvy!



So … what do YOU want to integrate and implement, this August?

In your money relationship. In your self-care. In your practices.

Take one tiny step today. Even if that step? Is a nap.

(And then celebrate it!)

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. Yeppers – this means you won’t hear from me for a whole month! I’ll be resting and integrating, along with you. In September, I’ll be back with some great fresh content, though. I’ll see you then!

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