11 binge-worthy podcast episodes (from me to you)

written by Bari Tessler May 26, 2017

Dear community,

Happy early summer!

After a winter so long, it’d make Game of Thrones blush, things are starting to feel warm and bright and spacious over here. Ahhhhh.

So, I’ll keep this note breezy — and maybe even inspire you to lace up your tennis shoes and head outside.

Did you know I have a podcast? (And that it’s awesome?)

Yep! I shared this recently on my Facebook and Instagram, and was surprised by how many people didn’t know about it!

I love the intimacy and warmth of the podcast experience — don’t you? Especially when it comes to all things money, these are such necessary ingredients.

Check out all 11 episodes of my podcast here, including:

~ 5 narrative storytelling episodes my wonderful husband produced. Each one takes on a different theme — how to make more money, getting through tough financial challenges, or planning for the future — and weaves together clips of my best teachings and interviews on that topic. All with smart ’n sweet narration from my dear husband, Forest. They’re kinda like This American Life … for your money relationship!

~ 5 intimate Money Memoirs. What would you love to ask someone about money — but fear it would be inappropriate? In this taboo-smashing series, I sit down with 5 amazing people from all different economic and ethnic backgrounds while they open up about their personal evolution with money. We laugh a ton but also get really real. (I am so grateful to my courageous guests!)

~ Bonus: How to survive cashflow dips with Tad Hargrave. This interview was originally just for participants in my year-long program, but it was so incredible, I just had to share it with the whole world. Tad shares two handfuls of simple and often surprising ways to break through a cashflow dip. Everyone can learn tips from this conversation, but creative entrepreneurs should most definitely listen in!

So, soak up some early summer sun while you bring some love and smarts to your money relationship. All 11 episodes are on iTunes, so you can stream or download ‘em. Listen while gardening, on your favorite bike path, or sipping a lavender lemonade on the porch. However you dig listening to podcasts, I hope you check out this intimate, eclectic series from me.

Enjoy all 11 Art of Money Podcast episodes here.

… And if you’ve got requests for my next episode, let me know! I’m toying with a number of ideas and would love to hear from you.

With my warmest wishes,

P.S. Huge news: The Art of Money book just won a Nautilus Award!

Holy smokes, I’m so honored! My book is the official winner of the 2017 silver Nautilus Book Award, which honors “exceptional literary contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living & green values.”

I’m beyond thrilled that the world is loving my book and hope that this award helps it land in the hands and hearts of more people who will benefit from its message.

Learn more about my book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness right here.

Deep bow and huge gratitude.

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