Gift the Art of Money book for the Holidays, get a free, live class with Bari!

written by Bari Tessler November 25, 2016

Dear Community,

The winter Holidays are riiiight around the corner. And along with the snow angels and gingerbread cookies, they can bring a lot of pressure, right?

We pressure ourselves to give everyone on our Holiday shopping list a generous, thoughtful gift.  Something that says, I see you. You’re amazing and unique. And I believe in you.

You could run from boutique shop to shopping mall for the next 4 weekends, fighting the parking lots to pick out different gifts for everyone. (I know that’s fun for some people!)

Or you could get Pinterest-y and whip up custom-made gifts for everyone. (But what if you don’t actually own a glue gun?)

May I humbly suggest …


There’s one gift that will make everyone on your eclectic gift list feel like it’s tailor-made, just for them.
Because it’s written that way.
Plus: it’ll get YOU your own exclusive pass to a LIVE virtual event with me in January!

Hint: it’s 296 pages. Printed on beautiful recycled paper. And reads like an intimate, life-changing (and savvy) memoir.

You got it. My beloved book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, has garnered rave reviews since it hit the shelves this June, since it guides everyone on their own, unique journey through their money stories: past, present, and future.

But The Art of Money isn’t just a gift. It’s a mindset. And now, you’ll get something special for yourself when you share it.

Buy 3 or more copies of The Art of Money and get an exclusive invite to a special, one-time-only virtual event with me on Sunday, January 22.

We’ll meet via tele-conference, so you can see me smiling at you and cheering you on!

This event is just for YOU dear ones who share my book. So we’ll have time to talk about precisely the questions and money koans and issues up for YOU:

  • We’ll start with a guided Body Check-In to help you unwind from the stress of the Holidays
  • You’ll hear my teachings on money and safety — which so many of you are asking about, in these uncertain times. Let yourself feel bone-deep safety: in your body, in your emotions, and with your money.
  • Then: ask me anything! Whether you’re having the same money fight with your sweetie over and over … or can’t figure out how to raise your rates AND feel generous … or you keep hitting the same brick wall of resistance when it comes to sitting down to do your “money stuff,” we’ll talk it through so you feel seen, held, and inspired to move forward in the New Year.

Send your questions in ahead of time, so you can get my answers even if you can’t make it live.

That’s right: you’ll also receive a recording of this special event. Revisit it anytime you need a booster shot of money clarity and peace of mind.

Give the gifts of money clarity, confidence, and peace of mind this year … and get a little (OK, big!) something for yourself, in return.

The Art of Money helps un-shame and empower everyone who reads it. So everyone you gift it to can hold their heads a little higher … and find their own gifts in the realm of money:

:: Your babysitter will be delighted to learn she really can bring her artistic side into her “money stuff”

:: Your running buddy with the new baby on the way might find the financial wisdom he’s been waiting for in the Money Legacy chapter.

:: Your cousin might start celebrating her gumption, every step of the way in her new business, once she realizes how unique and profound her Money Story is in Chapter 3.

Don’t just give a book, this year. Give your family, friends, and maybe even that dear co-worker the gift of a dozen cozy afternoons, curled up with a mocha and their own surprisingly resilient inner worlds.

Step One:

Buy 3 or more hardcover copies of The Art of Money wherever you love buying books:

Step Two:

Save your receipt and click here to get your invitation to our exclusive virtual chat on January 22.

Our easy-peasy form will walk you through sending in a photo or screenshot of your receipt(s) and get you registered for the January event.

Step Three:

Sit back with a festive eggnog, knowing your dear ones will be held, guided, and enlivened by your oh-so-thoughtful prezzie. (No glue gun or parking fee required.)

“Reading The Art of Money is like being brought into conversation with the most loving and wise money guide you can imagine. This book will be useful for everyone, but I am particularly excited about it’s potential to empower women around this critical part of our lives that we often avoid or neglect. Through this book, Bari has completely changed the way I understand my relationship to money, for the much, much better.”
~ Tara Mohr, Author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create and Lead

“This book takes a wise, holistic approach to a very sticky topic. You’ll be wrapped in warmth, compassion and wisdom as you take this journey with The Art of Money. And you’ll arrive on the other side feeling more sane, more whole, and more free, financially and otherwise. Because it’s always about more than the money, and this book beautifully addresses that.”
~ Kate Northrup, Author of Money: A Love Story

Here’s to a thoughtful Holiday Season … and sharing the gifts of mindfulness and caring far and wide.

With my dearest wishes to you and yours,

P.S. You’ll need to submit your receipt(s) to our Redeem page, here, by December 20th to join us on that live video chat in January. I can’t wait to see you then!











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