Celebrating 30,000 Art of Money books sold!

written by Bari Tessler April 7, 2023
Art of Money by Bari Tessler has sold 30K copies!

Dear Money Adventurer,

Happy Friday to you.

I wanted to share a few things with you that are on my mind and heart.

First up….

Celebrating 30,000+ Art of Money Books Sold

Last night I pulled out my recent royalty statement from the end of 2022 and got so excited when I added everything up.

As of December, my first book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, has sold 30,131 copies!

I was so jazzed to see the book has sold over 30,000 copies.

One-third of the copies sold are ebooks, which always surprises me because I don’t read books that way, but I’m grateful for all of it.

The hard copy is still my absolute favorite to hold in my hands, but I also have paperback and audiobook versions as well!

When I see that 30,000+ number, I do have a little comparison voice pop up in my mind, comparing that number to what other authors have sold (but I tell her to shush.) Ultimately, I know for a unique, somatic-based financial therapy book about personal finance and personal development, selling that many copies is really good, which makes me VERY happy.

So today, I’m taking a moment to celebrate.

The Art of Money book has been translated into Korean, Chinese, and Polish and my goal is to get it translated to Spanish next. (Luckily my publisher is heading to the London Book Fair very soon so fingers crossed they get a deal with a Spanish publisher).

I always dreamed of a classic book that would continue to be relevant like Lynne Twist’s The Soul of Money and other classics. The Art of Money book is moving into year 7 and is hopefully just getting started.

Thank you to everyone who has bought my book over the years. 🧡🧡🧡

Family Trip to Santa Cruz – Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

My husband, teenager, big puppy and I, all piled in our car and drove to Santa Cruz, California for a week.

I didn’t realize how much we all needed the smells of the ocean and eucalyptus trees. We needed the warmth, the sunshine and even rain (since we live in snowy, cold Colorado).

Our puppy boy Blue loved the doggy beaches so much and we all loved slowly wandering on the beaches with no schedule and finding hidden treasures, like starfish hiding in the tide pools.

I also found myself enjoying a lot of ice cream. My guys discovered some great vintage thrifting and oh! I even went roller skating at a 71 year old roller skating rink and I had the goofiest grin on my face the whole time.

We used to live in Santa Cruz before we had our son and it was so good to be back experiencing it all with him. I shared a lot of fun photos on social media in my Stories but I made my first little photo reel of our trip, you can watch here.

If you need a little Financial Therapy tune up

I recorded “10 Things Your Financial Therapist Wants You to Know” a little while back. If you haven’t listened to it yet, here is the 13 minute recording for you to enjoy on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

That’s a wrap for today, thanks for being here.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money year-long money school registration is coming up soon!

The Art of Money Year-Long Money School

This flagship program delivers its content one module at a time over 12 months. Members of the program spend 4 months learning Money Healing, 4 months learning about Money Practices, and 4 months learning about Money Maps.

It also includes some wonderful community support options like weekly coworking with alumni guides and monthly office hours with me.

The goal of this program is to slowly learn the AOM methodology so you can create a healthy foundation for your financial life with savvy somatic and practical tools that you can practice for years to come. We open the doors on Thursday, April 13th so stay tuned.

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