What Bari is Reading + Watching + Baking this Summer!

written by Bari Tessler August 4, 2022
What Bari is Reading + Watching + Baking this Summer!

Dear Money Adventurer,

I recently had a wonderful book event at my favorite local independent bookstore, the Boulder Book Store. I spent the evening talking about all things Financial Therapy and signed copies of both my books, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness and The Art of Money Workbook.

Of course, I grabbed my own stash of fiction and dark chocolate to take home with me before the bookstore closed. You can tell it was a great night by the smile on my face–yes, I was as jazzed as I looked!

A few days after the event, the bookstore shared a photo of my workbook hitting their bestseller shelf – see #18.

What Bari is Reading + Watching + Baking this Summer!

It made me realize that it is about time I share some of my favorites off my summer reading list with you.

In previous years, I’ve shared that I tend to read fiction and memoirs–I rarely read non-fiction. Sometimes I listen to non-fiction, but I’ve always learned best through storytelling. (This is also why my first book had so many stories in it.)

So, without further ado…

Here’s my summer reading list.

I also had to throw in what I’m watching and baking, plus some other summer favorites, including hikes and travel adventures–because why not?! The world is heavy right now, so here are some extra moments of joy!

What I’m Reading:


Author: Anthony Doerr
All the Light we Cannot See
Cloud Cuckoo Land
About Grace
Four Seasons of Rome

Anthony Doerr has become one of my all-time favorite authors. So much so that I have read 4 out of his 5 books and loved them all!! His work leans more towards literature than quick beach reads. I typically prefer to read books by women, but he’s up there at the top of my favorites list.

I love his storytelling, characters, the way he brings in nature, and the depth of his questions about life and death. I shared the books above in the order I read them, but feel free to switch it up. While “All the Light We Cannot See” and “About Grace” were flowing reads for me, “Cloud Cuckoo Land” took some work to get into–but by the end, I realized how brilliant it was. It takes Doerr 10 years to write one of his books, so I’ll be waiting patiently for the next one.

Author: Emily St. John
The Glass Hotel
Sea of Tranquility

I first discovered Emily St. John a year or so ago when I read “The Glass Hotel,” and then recently rediscovered her when I read “Sea of Tranquility” (which is at the top of Barack Obama’s Summer Reading List).

“Sea of Tranquility” didn’t fully hit me until the end, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Covering multiple timelines – 1912, 2020, 2203 and 2403 – it’s about time and memory. Also, while it gives a glimpse of future, it’s not dystopian.

I also enjoyed “The Glass Hotel,” but I remember feeling it was a bit odd but a very intriguing story. I still recommend reading it first because there is a character or two that shows up in “Sea of Tranquility,” which I loved. Also, when I find an author I enjoy, I like to read as many of their books as I can.

Author: Torrey Peters
Detransition Baby

Fiction and storytelling are some of my favorite ways to learn about different communities and cultures. Detransition Baby is smart, funny, and sexy. Written by a transwoman, Torrey Peters, this book tells the story of 3 women whose lives collide when there is an unexpected pregnancy.  I enjoyed it a lot and also learned so much in the process.


Author: Michelle Zauner
Crying in H Mart

I love a good food memoir and honor an honest grief memoir. Crying in H Mart is both. Michelle Zauner weaves together memories of her Korean mom’s cooking with her journey to become a famous musician, all the while caring for her mom, who has cancer.


Author: Livia Shapiro
The Somatic Therapy Workbook

If you want to learn foundational somatic tools, go get this workbook. Livia Shapiro is local to me in Boulder, CO, and we graduated from the same Master’s Program in Somatic Psychology—though in different years. I always appreciate her dark humor on social media about being a single mom, going through a terrible divorce, and her love for cooking. Her Somatic Therapy Workbook is perfect for everyone wanting to learn some somatic practices and/or bring them to their clients.

Author: Bari Tessler
The Art of Money Workbook

Oh, HELLO! Did you know I published my 2nd book on July 7th, 2022, and it’s a workbook?! Why yes, I did, so I must mention it here. The Art of Money Workbook is your personal roadmap, created to help you dive deeper into your money emotions and bring more compassion to your money stories. If you want to learn tools and practices like the body check-in, money dates, and how to make good money decisions, order my workbook and let the teachings and journaling questions I have put together for you guide the way.

The Somatic Therapy Workbook and The Art of Money Workbook pair beautifully together!

On Menopause

This is one of the funniest articles I’ve ever read about menopause. For the peri ladies, a little note of caution: this may make you cry. But, hopefully, it will shed some light on what’s going on with you and bring some essential humor to this phase of womanhood. For the menopausal ladies, you are welcome!

Thank you for Calling the Perimenopause Hotline, Where Our Hold Times are Completely Unpredictable

What I’m Watching:

The Split (hulu)
The Bear (hulu)
How to Build a Sex Room (Netflix)
WestWorld (HBO)

What Chocolate I’m snacking on:

Askinosie – I love these dark chocolate bars
Lily’s – if you need a non-sugar version, I love their dark chocolate chips

What I’m baking:

Galettes! I’m obsessed with all things galette right now. So far I’ve made a blueberry/lavender galette, a strawberry/blueberry galette, and, most recently, a cherry/plum galette. AND I was finally brave enough to make the pastry dough from scratch.

Favorite Hike:

Every year we make a pilgrimage to the wildflowers. Take a peek at our Fourth of July Trail.

Summer Travel:

Now that we’ve added a huge puppy to our family, we thought it would be better to roadtrip for the summer. So we traveled to Taos–you can see some desert pictures here and here–and Lake Michigan (Great Lake goodness here and here).

Well, friends, that’s a wrap on some of my favorite summer adventures so far.
I hope you have enjoyed this more personal peek into my world beyond my work.

Here’s to reading, and baking, or whatever brings you small moments of joy this summer.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money Year-Long Program is opening September 14th! Click here to read all about the program and to be added to the waitlist. 

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