On forgiving my father: A tender story + creating your money legacy.

written by Bari Tessler October 26, 2016

I can still remember that muggy summer day when my father made me apply for half a dozen jobs. I was 16, and got so mad at him. Why should I get any ole job, just because you say so??

I still remember when he cut off my financial support during that summer I spent in Italy in college. I was so grateful for his generosity up ‘till that point — but he got upset with a travel decision I made and cut off my spending money. Neither of us knew how to have open, honest conversations about money, yet. Especially with each other.

It took me years to unravel all the “money stuff” my father and I created, together. To forgive the hurt. To claim my own worth and value. And to recognize the gifts he gave me, even in these tough chapters — like the value of hard work and self-reliance.

We all inherit a Money Legacy. But it’s our choice what we do with it.

Sit back and listen as I tell you the story of the turning point in my relationship with my father — and his own Money Legacy.

This was recorded at one of my LIVE readings from my book tour this summer — so please forgive the audio quality!

But I had to share this with you, my dear community. Because there’s an additional, oh-so-tender chapter to this story that never made it into the book. And I hope it touches your heart.


We all leave behind a Money Legacy.


Whether you leave behind 14 grandchildren, a circle of friends, or close colleagues and clients.

Whether you leave behind trust funds and inheritances and real estate — or nothing more tangible than memories and a well-loved hankie.

Even if you never explicitly talk to anyone about money — your attitudes, beliefs, and values will touch those around you and outlive you.


It is up to you to consciously choose what Money Legacy you create.


If you admire your great-grandmother’s thrift and generosity, you can claim these values as part of your Money Legacy — and amplify them in your own life.

If you inherited wounded, stressful beliefs about money from your grandfather — you can choose to transmute those beliefs and pass on something far kinder and gentler to those who survive you.

Money Legacy is the loving combustion of past, present, and future.

It’s noticing what parts of your past need to be healed, shifted, or honored. It’s bequeathing compassion and mindfulness to those who survive you. And it’s living the legacy you want to create, right here, right now.

We can choose to release the traumas and hurts of our past. We can choose to emphasize our superpowers and strengths. We can bring our deepest values into our money relationships.

There’s so much suffering in the world, around money. This area of our lives is laden with karma and taboo, wounding and shame. But we can choose to face this — and forgive it. In our own lifetimes.

When we become more conscious, healed, and compassionate with money in our own lives, we model a new, more honest and mindful lifestyle for everyone around us — for generations to come.


Create your own Money Legacy in The Art of Money 2017.


Creating this new, gentler and more mindful Money Legacy doesn’t start with sweeping social change or ginormous revisions to your living will — or forced, awkward conversations with your children.

It starts simple.

It starts within you.

With gentle, gentle healing. Baby steps. Support. And so many celebrations!

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