3 powerhouses weigh in on how to earn more money.

written by Bari Tessler October 23, 2016

Can I ask you a personal question?

Would you like to earn more money?

If you said YES, you’ve probably thought about this a fair amount, already. Maybe you’ve already bumped up your income, but still feel like you’re stuck under a “money ceiling.” Maybe you creep past that threshold … only to fall back down.

So … why are you stuck?

It’s NOT because you’re a bad person. It’s NOT because you’re lazy. It’s NOT because it’s impossible.

Chances are, you’re smart, capable, and mindful. You’ve worked hard to transform other areas of your life. And gotten some awesome results: whether it’s communicating better with your honey or feeling better in your body or feeling more connected to your sense of spirituality, however you define that.

So … what gives? What’s the real reason you’re not earning as much as you’d like?

In this incredible podcast episode, I talk to three powerhouses about this very topic. And their answers? Profound. Practical. And utterly liberating.

Whether you’re running your own business, dreaming of starting one … or have a regular job and simply want to earn more money, please do yourself a favor and listen to these wise folks.

Download the mp3 file of this episode to your computer by right-clicking over this link and selecting “save link as” or “save target as.”

Pour yourself a cuppa and perk up your ears. You’ll hear highlights from 3 incredible conversations with Fabeku Fatunmise, Barbara Stanny, and Mikelann Valterra.

And you get my dear hubby, Forest, walking you through it all, pointing out key points and sharing bonus stories from our marriage and business. Including:

  • Fabeku’s HUGE teaching on updating your financial identity
  • The top fears that hold us back from earning more money (whoa)
  • A helpful, un-shaming definition of money (this sets so many people free)
  • The “click” Barbara Stanny noticed in every single person who overcame underearning
  • Fabeku’s crazy-inspiring vision of what can happen when you get “un-f*&%d” around money.

This was one of the most raved-about podcast episodes we ever published. But chances are? You missed it. So do yourself a favor and give this a listen (or re-listen). Your money relationship … and your heart will thank you. Because…

Shifting our “money stuff” takes courage. Mindfulness. And really good support.

It’s not magic. It’s conscious transformation. And that takes inner work and outer work.


If you’d love to bring more empowerment, clarity, and peace to your money relationship, you’ll find oodles of smart, loving support in my year-long money school, The Art of Money 2017.

Imagine: what if you spent a full year giving some loving mindfulness to your money relationship? With expert mentoring (from yours truly!), a thoughtful and thorough framework, incredible guest teachers and TA’s, and a whole, global community cheering you on?

You could move mountains.

I’m not just talking about earning more. (Though that often happens.) I’m talking about better, more easeful conversations with your honey. Forgiving and un-shaming your past. Claiming your value. Mustering the courage to file those back taxes and start working with a bookkeeper (without crying). Seeing how money can support your dreams, instead of holding them at bay.

These are some of the everyday miracles that happen in The Art of Money. And now, you can join early — and start the transformation, right now.

Our program doesn’t officially start ‘till 2017, but our doors are open now for a very short time, so we can welcome you earlybirds anxious to get started, right now.


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I can’t wait to share this powerful experience with you!

With my dearest wishes,







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