You, Your Honey, and Money Make Three:
How to create peace with money in love.

written by Bari Tessler October 22, 2016

You get honest with your honey when it’s been your “turn” to do the dishes the last seven times.

(You might even get playful and growl.)

You tell her when you can’t stomach watching another rom com … and need to get some “cave time” with the fellas.

(And she probably gives you a smooch and celebrates your honesty.)


If you and your honey can get honest about so much else … why do you get so stuck, when it comes to talking about money?


If you’re in this boat … you’re far from alone. Study after study shows: the #1 thing couples fight about is money.

At first, my hubby and I couldn’t talk about money. (Par for the course, right?)

But over many years, through trial and error and a whole lotta love, we’ve learned to come together, open up, get smart, and connect with each other, around money.

Yes: that includes when we disagree!!


Even the most “conscious” couples I know get stuck when talking about money. It’s thorny. Vulnerable. And nobody taught us how to do this.


Today, my hubby Forest and I have wonderful money conversations. Long, luxurious ones … and “quickies in the kitchen,” too. (Haha.)

We’re on the same team, when it comes to money. Even when we disagree. And this has brought so much peace, joy, and intimacy to our relationship.

But we couldn’t always talk about money. Like most couples, we had to learn how to talk about money, together.


Grab your sweetie (or not) and listen to my 4 Phases of Money Love + favorite tips for getting on the same (money) team.


You’ll learn:

  • What to talk about before looking at the numbers, together
  • How to get “shared reality” about money (even when you disagree)
  • Who does what? How to assign financial roles (and feel good about it)
  • Going on “Money Dates” with your honey … how to get started and make it feel great.


Money doesn’t have to come between you and your honey. In fact? It can bring you closer together than ever. Truly.


Yes, it takes some work. That’s because most of us simply weren’t taught how to deal with this “money stuff.” So we need to learn some tools. We need to do some healing. And all of this can be even more complicated when there’s a whole ‘nother person involved!


But the benefits of coming together, with money … are kinda stupendous.


The couples I’ve worked with joke to me how downright sexy it can be to connect with their honey through honest money conversations.

When we create a safe space, money truly can be an incredible realm of intimacy, peace, and happiness. Feeling like we’re on the same money team … is an incredible gift.




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