Have message, need 200 megaphones. Join our AOM book street team?

written by Bari Tessler April 14, 2016

Dear Community,

Even the most dazzling jewels can remain hidden … unless a dear friend tells us where to find them.

For example, I never would have found that perfect, classy-yet-casual French bistro in St. Louis without my team member’s recommendation … (and I thanked her through every delicious bite of duck confit and swirl of that earthy French red).

Once a week, my husband sifts through the silt of the online world to showcase the most helpful jewels for entrepreneurs in his newsletter (and people adore him for it).

When you have good taste, it’s easy to be a hero. Ready to have people thank YOU?

If you love my work — and would love to put your personal stamp of approval on it for your community, I have a fantastic invitation for you, straight from my publisher.

Please join the Art of Money Street Team!

Help spread the word about my new book (and probably become a hero).

We’re currently gathering a team of readers and community members to help us celebrate and spread the news about The Art of Money book.

When you join, you will immediately receive a free, digital copy of The Art of Money book (before it’s available anywhere else, which means you’ll be one of the first people on the planet to read it!). You’ll also receive a gorgeous hard copy of the book, mailed straight to you as soon as it’s printed (around June 14th).

Sound awesome? Here’s what we’re asking of you:

  • Read the book as soon as you can, once you get it. Then …
  • Write a review or creative piece for your website or blog, etc.
  • Write an honest review of the book on Amazon
  • Snap photos of the book or you and the book and share on social media.
  • Spread the word in any other ways you’re inspired: record a sing-along reaction, host a book party, hire a skywriter … it’s up to you!
  • Purchase a copy of the physical book once it is released on June 14th.

Click here to apply to join the Art of Money Street Team.

Sound a little weird that we’re requesting you go ahead and buy a copy of The Art of Money, since you’re already getting a free one? I know. But here’s the deal: we hope this book reaches lots of people. The more copies we sell, the greater chance it will have of making bestseller lists and being seen everywhere! We’re hoping that our Street Team will be our biggest fans, who would normally have bought a copy, anyway — and now will be happy to have a spare or one to gift to a friend.

Money Practice Book Galley


Have you ever wanted to interview me for your site? Here’s your chance!

If you’re on the Street Team, you’ll get a chance to interview me about the book for your website, blog, podcast, etc. (Select members, only.) I LOVE being interviewed, and can’t wait to sit down with you and share stories.

We are especially excited to welcome folks who have an audience or platform — that is, a newsletter list, Twitter followers, or tons of engaged Facebook friends. (But please: don’t hold back from applying if you don’t have a mega-huge following!! You’d be amazed what a few genuinely enthusiastic words can do.)

Who knows … maybe I’ll even come to your town!

This summer, I’m hitting the road for a national book tour — and if you have a local community you think would love this book AND have a knack for organizing, I hope you’ll join the Street Team and make a case for me to come to your town — whether it’s your local indie bookstore or your own living room for a reading.

The Street Team is exclusive … so please apply today.

We’re limiting the Street Team to 200 people, because we want truly enthusiastic people on board. Plus, we can only give away so many copies of the book!.

If you’re IN, click here to fill out a quickie application form (it takes less than 5 minutes). We’ll let you know if your application is approved within two weeks.

I wrote this book to help people transform the shame and stress they feel about money into peace, resilience, and mindful empowerment. The advanced praise is rolling in and incredibly positive … but I know I will need YOUR help to get this book into the hands of people who need it, so I am incredibly grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word about this book.

Here’s what Lynne Twist, author of one of my favorite, classic conscious money books, The Soul of Money, had to say about The Art of Money book:

Lynne-Twist-circle“Bari Tessler adds an exciting, important voice to the money conversation. She beckons us to begin a healing journey into more mindfulness, peace, and joy around money that will reach into every aspect of life. At once spiritual and practical, this is the education we’ve been waiting for.”—Lynne Twist


Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

With hugs and party hats and kazoos…


P.S. Want to hear all about the book? Descriptions, praise, and upcoming LIVE book tour events are all right here. Enjoy!!

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