Art of Money 2016 is open for registration! Plus Our new storytelling podcast show

written by Bari Tessler January 2, 2016


OMG. It’s January 3rd!!! Why the exclamation marks, you ask? Well, first, it’s the third day of a brand spankin’ new year, and I hope that your year is off to a beautiful, restful start.

Second, it’s my birthday over here today! I’m now solidly in my late 40’s. And though I have no idea how that happened (because I still feel like I’m 30), I’m super grateful for the maturing that’s happening inside me.

Third, my co-writer and I just finished the final round of editing on my forthcoming Art of Money book, which will be published on June 14th, 2016. The deadline for getting the manuscript back to my amazing publisher is tomorrow, so, thank the trees, we made it! That was one HUGE work sprint to get that done. Whew!

Fourth, today is the day when we open registration for my year-long Art of Money program.

If you’re new around here, we have a tradition at the Art of Money headquarters: Every January when we open the doors to let the next round of folks into the program (which we are doing today, starting now), we send out a series of free, make-your-life-better-with-money content gifts for you. And ohhhhh my, have we got something good for you this year. (More on that in a moment.)

But here’s the thing: Art of Money 2016 is open for registration now, and for all the folks who have been waiting for it to open again, you are welcome to join us today. (Just click on through right here to get all the details about the program and join us.)

There’s a boat load of pre-course learning materials waiting for you in the member’s area so you can get started now on the journey of changing your relationship to money for the better.


At any rate, that’s the deal with all the exclamation marks! Four big things are happening all at once. My heart is bursting with so much excitement, gratitude, joy, and desire to celebrate that I have to give lots of it away to you…or I’m gonna explode. Seriously.

So, here’s how I want to do that: Over the coming weeks during this registration period, we’re going to publish our first season of the new Art of Money podcast. Every episode in the season is a gift for you, whether or not you decide to join us in the program this year.

Now, here’s the exciting part about this season of the podcast. My husband, Forest, who runs this business and community with me, and who often creates the free content series for our registration periods, has been enamored with the narrative journalistic, storytelling style of well-loved podcasts like This American Life, The Ted Radio Hour, and Startup.

Forest had the idea of creating our own version of that style of narrative storytelling podcast for the registration period this year. And when my husband sets his creative mind on a project, he dives in and creates something wonderful.


For this season of the Art of Money podcast, he’s created our own hybrid version of a podcast show. It’s part narrative storytelling, and part interview style of podcasting. It’s a beautiful blend of our creative gifts, and I have a feeling you’re going to love it.

Episode one takes you through money stories from five of my favorite colleagues: Kate Swoboda, Andrea Scher, Sara Avant Stover, Mark Silver, and my business coach, Tanya Geisler.

And these stories? Are about the challenging times they’ve each faced around money, and, more importantly, how they got through them and what they learned.

And until you hear them, it’s hard to describe how helpful and supportive it is to hear other people share challenging stories so openly. It’s such a rare thing in our world, and if you’re like me, just the simple act of hearing money stories like this can help you feel much less alone the next time you face your own challenges.

That is the big gift I want to give you today, through this first episode of our new podcast: you feeling a knowingness deep within that you are not alone, and that there are people around who can help you…and that it’s okay to get help sometimes.

If you listen to this episode all the way through, I have a strong intuition that that gift will land in your heart, which is right where I’m aiming. Like I said earlier, I have an overflow of gratitude and joy today, and I want to give some of it to you.

Click on the play button below and have a listen, or download it to your computer using the link below the audio player:


If you’re new to this community, you’ll notice something different about how I launch, or open, my programs. We do marketing differently than most folks online. Not better than other people…just better for us. We try our best to be open and transparent in our marketing communications with you, and we take a gentler path to “launching” our program, one that is far less aggressive than what you’ll often see online.

And that approach, today, starts right here, with this email. I meant what I said about wanting to give you a gift through this season of podcast episodes. That was not a thinly veiled marketing tactic.

But these episodes also serve another purpose: they will give you a chance to get a sense of what kinds of things you would learn, and get support with, in the year-long Art of Money program, which begins soon.

If you like what you hear and feel in these episodes, we would love to welcome you in joining us for the full, year-long journey with my team and I, and the hundreds of other AOM’ers that are already on the train for the Art of Money 2016 program. You can learn more about the program, and join us for the journey, right over here.

As I mentioned above, there are oodles of “pre-course” learning materials inside the program that you can dive into right after you sign up. That means that you’ll be able to start changing your relationship to money for the better, as soon as you’re in.

And if you like this first episode of the Art of Money podcast, I’d be ever so grateful if you share a little something about it with your friends on your social media channel of choice, or, you can go old school and just forward this email to someone you think would benefit from hearing this first episode. Here’s a few links to make sharing easy peezy:

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Sure hope you enjoy the episode!


With much warmth and gratitude,

p.s. Speaking of my husband, he and his business partner are uber tech geeks on a mission to help small business entrepreneurs bring in more money by creating powerful online businesses, like an online store that sells physical products. And in order to do that? You have to get your tech stuff in order. Thankfully, my hubby’s business has the cure for your tech headaches, like this post, the best of the Shopify reviews (software that allows you to create an online store) that I’ve seen on the web.

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