7 Ways to End Your 2015 Money Year with a Bloom

written by Bari Tessler December 15, 2015

So, I’m sitting in my office now on a wintery snow day, with my 7-year-old out of school, and I’m reflecting on this past year as the snow gently drifts down, leaving a blanket of silence all around. And out of the white silence, what is arising? Deep gratefulness for the opportunity that I have to do my work in the world, and for the amazing community of people who have rallied around this Art of Money work. Though I work from my home, I get to connect with and help folks all over the world with their relationship to money, and I feel so lucky.

As some of you know, I used to travel, teach and speak live, and it used to happen often. When I had my son 7 years ago and became a mamapreneur, I wanted to stay home and move my business online. That’s exactly what I did, with the solid “couldn’t-do-it-without-him” help of my husband, and I’m so grateful I made that move to an online format. It’s allowed me to reach so many more people with this work, and given me a chance to focus more time and energy on making the Art of Money work even better.

On Sunday, just a few days ago, I led the AOM Money and Life Tele-ritual. It’s a beautiful and rich tradition that we do each year in the Art of Money program where we pass the baton from one year’s members to the next group of members that will take the year-long journey next. I sit in my office and have a live stream video of me broadcast to all the participants, and right next to the video feed is a live chat roll where everyone is connecting with each other and answering questions I ask during the ritual. It’s super fun, interactive, and deep.

That photo above was taken during the tele-ritual. And yes, lots of candles were burning, essential oil spritzers were being spritzed, and chocolate was being nibbled. We did a deep dive into reviewing our financial year together, celebrating the wins, and set our goals and intentions for our money life in 2016. So beautiful to be in that ritual space with the crowd that attended the event.

During the ritual, among many other things, we honored the AOM 2015 community and welcomed in the new AOM 2016 community (for those who joined during the early bird registration). Folks joined in from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, the UK, Canada, and all over America.

If you’ve been thinking of joining the Art of Money 2016 program, but missed the early bird registration, fret not. We will open the program for registration again on January 3rd for a few weeks. This time though, our family will not be traveling in a RV filming a mini-documentary that we publish from the road (like we did last year during our registration period.) The interviews and live meals and hugs with our community members and guest teachers were incredible, but the adventure was way too crazy-pants hard and stressful for our little family. So, no RV trip this January. Instead, we’re launching the program from bed. Hahaha. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Seriously though, we’ve got something new in the works for the free series of uber helpful, insanely useful free content series that we always publish when we open the doors of the Art of Money program. I don’t want to let the kitty out of the basket yet (basket? Yes, because really, who puts cats in bags?), but let’s just say that my husband is working like a mad artist behind the scenes to create this new series of content for you. Can’t wait to share it with you!!

Holiday and End-Of-Year Support

Usually at this time of the year our money stuff gets cranked up, the volume get’s increased. Between the holidays, family, gift giving and end of year, there’s a lot going on. Given this sometimes challenging financial time of the year, we wanted to send out some extra love and support to help usher you through this territory with as much ease and grace as a kid riding a sled down a gentle, snowy hill.

Recently, I was interviewed by Cate Stillman on her podcast. She runs Yoga Healer, and helps wellness and health coaches make money. Her community and mine are super similar, and I bet there’s a good deal of folks in the Art of Money community, like you, that are also part of her community.

Every year I’m interviewed at least a couple dozen times. I don’t have space to share all the guest interviews that I do with you, but when an interview feels extra special, like this one I did with Cate, I can’t help but to share it with you all.

This was a GREAT interview on holiday money stories, the experience of gift giving and exchanges during this time, and how to create real meaning during this time of the year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it with Cate!

Click here to listen to the interview

Resources mentioned in the interview…

Plus a few more holiday inspirations for you:

  • Article: How to Simplify the Holidays Without Feeling Like a Scrooge. A beautiful Holiday Season doesn’t have to break the bank. And a simple one doesn’t need to feel austere. I love the suggestions in this article!
  • Video: A very touching video on creative gift giving from Ikea.  

Have you thought about your end of year Money Rituals?

Now is a perfect time to create some Money Rituals. These articles are oldies but goodies. In them, I guide you through a mini money ritual to complete this year and to start visioning for next year.

How to Create Your End of Year Money Rituals

Looking Back over 2015:

Ah, the end of another year. Farewells. Fresh beginnings. Celebrations + heartfelt hopes. As this year ends, so does another chapter of your money story. Wherever you’re at with money — single, married, or entrepreneur; seasoned pro or terrified to even look at your numbers — this is a wonderful time to slow down, check in with yourself, review the year, and set intentions for next year.

It’s easy to get swept up in the season’s energy of new beginnings. But before you skip to resolutions and goals for next year, carve out some time to honor the year you’ve just completed. By looking back on your year with love, honesty, and gentleness, you’ll build an essential foundation for next year.

So to help you start the new year on a strong financial footing … to make the most of lessons learned … to celebrate your accomplishments (the grand and the mini!) … and to lavish yourself with all the love and appreciation this act of courage entails … allow me to guide you in an annual financial review.

Click here to read the rest of this post.

Looking Ahead to 2016:  

Once you have done a thorough, grounded review of this year — including your numbers, your emotions, and all your celebrations around money — you’re ready to look forward.

Part Two of your annual money practice is about clarifying your vision, getting current with reality, and setting up an appropriate (and inspiring + heartfelt!) map for the coming year. We’re about to take those gems + insights from the past year and turn them into fresh goals + intentions for the coming year. To set the groundwork for a brand new year of your money story. One fueled by clarity, awareness, and consciousness.

Click here to read the rest of this post

Sending much love to you and yours during this beautiful, intense, exciting, challenging, tender time!


P.S. Watch out for January 3rd! We will be opening Art of Money 2016 for registration. We’re cooking up a brand new kind of content for you to enjoy during our registration period…content that will help you change your relationship to money as soon as you experience it. Can’t wait to share it with you!!


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