Art of Money Podcast: Episode 2
How to make more money and overcome underearning.

written by Bari Tessler January 7, 2016

I knew a woman once who had an utterly uncalled-for number of shoes. Her closets were bulging and bursting with fine Italian leather, strappy slingbacks, and faded blue beach wedges.

Now, I love a great pair of shoes, but I don’t feel the need to collect moremoremore of them. But I do have a borderline-embarrassingly huge collection of something else …


Over the last few months, my husband/COO/tech rockstar, Forest, has flipped through my archive of interviews and found dozens and dozens of hours of recordings.

I consider interviewing to be one of my “superpowers,” and over the years, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing experts from the worlds of money, healing, and far beyond. These interviews aren’t stale, dusty talks: they are incredible, intimate conversations with some of the brightest, coolest people I know.

But like those closets bursting with shoes, my interview collection is almost too much of a good thing. Listening to all of them would be a full-time job (just ask my husband), and even my die-hard fans have missed some of the best teachings, buried in the back of the archive.

So, to celebrate the opening of The Art of Money 2016 (which is open for registration now), we’ve put our creativity to hard work and transformed this “embarrassment of riches” into something entertaining, useful, and totally flipping cool: a 6-episode podcast season.

Each podcast episode focuses on one important money theme (from shame to investing to earning), and weaves together stories and teachings from different experts on that topic. It’s all tied together with lovely narration from my dear husband.

Truly? This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Yep: even cooler than those Italian leather slingbacks.

Today, in Episode 2, we’re talking about how to make more money.

Because that whole, “too much of a good thing”? It might apply to shoes and interviews, but for many of the people in my dear Art of Money community, it does NOT apply to money.

“I just want to earn enough money to not have to worry about money. (Shoot: does that mean I have to look at my money stuff, first??)”

“I want to earn more money, but not if it means selling my soul.”

“Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a high-earner? Wait … who decided THAT?”

Helping people earn more money is something my husband and I are incredibly passionate about, because we’ve seen (in our own lives and in the lives of our students and clients) how empowering and life-changing it can be. We know: this takes inner work (emotional healing, un-shaming, value-claiming) AND outer work (smart business models, money management, and more).

In today’s podcast episode, we hear stories and teachings from three of the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to this stuff: Fabeku Fatunmise, Mikelann Valterra, and Barbara Stanny.

Right click over this link and choose “save link as” or “save as” to download the mp3 file to your computer.

No joke: these three interviews are some of the absolute whoppers in my archive. (And I mean that in the mind-bending, chocolatey-delicious way!) These three people share some ultra powerful teachings and practices to help you earn more money — and the way Forest has woven these conversations together, with his helpful narration and commentary, makes it stick and makes it fun.

This episode covers some really cool terrain, including:

  • Fabeku’s HUGE teaching on updating your financial identity
  • Mikelann’s revelation: the big fears holding people back from making more money
  • Alternative, healing definitions for what money really is
  • Barbara’s kinda-earth-shattering money memory visualization
  • Fabeku’s awe-inspiring answer to: what does it look like when people get un-f@*&ed about money?

Inner healing and outer practices. Earning more and making a difference. Having those vulnerable but oh-so-juicy conversations about money that change everything. This is what this podcast is all about.

If you dig it, you’ll adore The Art of Money: my year-long money school. We only open our doors once a year, and that time is now. (Clickety-click right here.)

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll pop this podcast onto your phone, go for a winter’s hike (or couch lounge) and soak up the wisdom. Let us know what you think!

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Enjoy, everyone!


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