Money Mocha #2: Women, Money,
and the Feminine Face of Power

written by Bari Tessler November 5, 2014

Grab a favorite beverage and indulge in our Money Mochas Series: mini-jolts of sweet, delicious money clarity. These bite-sized morsels are all heart-plucked from the member's only area of my beloved year-long money school: The Art of Money.

This series is our way of celebrating opening our doors (and hearts!) for the early bird group of Art of Money 2016 students. (The program begins in January 2016, but we're opening the doors between November 1 and November 15th, 2015 for those who are ready to get started now with the early bonus classes and materials.)

These Money Mochas will give you a delightful taste of the Art of Money experience. If you love this Money Mocha as much as we hope, you can learn more about The Art of Money 2016 (open now!) right here.

Dear Community,

One of my favorite pioneers in the field of women and money once said:

“If you don’t deal with money, money will deal with you.”

That, my friends, comes from the inimitable Barbara Stanny.
She is wise, powerful, and oh-so-feisty. And she’s given my community the great gift of being a Guest Teacher in the Art of Money, since year one.

Today, I’d like to share with you a slice of one of our interviews. Until today, it’s only been available to my Art of Money students. So grab a cuppa, perk up your ears, and enjoy!

Money Mocha #2: Barbara Stanny on Women + Money

In this short clip, Barbara shares some key ideas from her new book, Sacred Success. Listen in to learn:

  • How Barbara educated herself about money
  • What’s different about women’s motivations around money
  • The interplay of money, power, significance, and greatness
  • The “feminine face of power” -- and its impact on our ability to earn.

Men, fear not! This is for you, too. I know that the men in my community will identify with and appreciate what Barbara shares, here. Not just as a reflection of your wives and sisters and female friends -- but as a reflection of YOU and your growing edge with money.

Enjoy this Money Mocha!

What’s a Money Mocha, you ask?

It’s a mini-jolt of money clarity. And a scrumptious taste of the Art of Money experience.

That’s right: my beloved, year-long money school, The Art of Money, is now open for a limited time.

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Meanwhile, enjoy the Money Mocha, everyone. Chocolatey cheers to you!


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