Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like. {Money Memoir}

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2019
Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like. {Money Memoir}

Something magical happens when we dare to get real and speak the truth about money. In this intimate conversation series, Money Memoirs, I chat with people from all walks of life about their money journeys: the good, the tough, the soulful, and the nitty-gritty. We share this beloved series every year to celebrate the opening of The Art of Money, which you can read all about here. Curl up with a cuppa as we pull back the curtain … and get ready to get inspired.

What does a “before & after” look like, in deep money work?

It’s actually a tricky question!

After all: my money teachings are different from the mainstream, “Money Management 101” and “5 Steps to 6 Figures” out there.

Sure, we tackle practical matters. And in a year-long program, people take a number of heroic baby steps forward, like:

Tackling that pile of tax paperwork they’ve avoided for years (with the help of a little chocolate and soft candlelight).

… Getting support from a bookkeeper to learn QuickBooks, Mint, YNAB, or another tracking system (and surprising themselves by falling in love with it!).

… Or getting a clear understanding of their real numbers and spending patterns — and having more loving, compassionate money talks with their sweetie.

But the biggest shifts are often quiet. Subtle. Inner.

Like deeper self-trust and self-compassion. Finally forgiving our parents and letting go of old hurts and resentment. Claiming our value. Feeling more at home and at peace in our bodies and in our lives.

These are the big-deal shifts that truly transform lives. But they’re often hard to put into words. And as you can imagine, “progress” looks utterly different, for different people!

That’s why I’m so grateful to Patricia Escorihuela for today’s Money Memoir. (Pssst … it’s our final Money Memoir before The Art of Money 2019 begins on February 1st!)

Patricia’s been a client and Art of Money student for 10 years — and she was able to actually put into words the profound, life-changing shifts she’s created in her money relationship — and life.

And she shares it all with warmth, honesty, and good storytelling.

When we started working together 10 years ago, Patricia didn’t even want to *peek* at her bank balance. (Oh, this is so common!!)

Today, she’s a living, blooming example of what’s possible when you pour love, mindfulness, and body-based awareness into your money relationship.

In this deep yet playful conversation, Patricia shares openly and vividly about how a decade of deep money work has impacted her life, including:

  • What inspired her to begin this work 10 years ago.
  • How money work has helped her forgive her challenging father.
  • Why she kept coming back to this work, even when it was tough (I love her metaphor of “little sips”).
  • How she’s claimed her value, let go of shame, and deepened her self-compassion.
  • How learning to get into her body has transformed her money, relationships, and career.

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Oh, there are so many gems in this conversation!

If you’ve ever wondered what really is possible when you do this level of deep money work — here’s one beautiful answer.

Not the answer. One answer. Because we all have our unique journeys to travel, my friend!

And YOUR “before & after?” Can look any way you want.

Patricia Escorihuela is an Entrepreneur, a Mindfulness Self-Compassion Teacher, a Doggy Mom, an Inveterate Traveler, a Sparkle Lover, a Big Fan Of Enjoying Life Moment-To-Moment and Pausing, a Bad Ass Sailor, an Adventurer, a Paddle Boarder, Open to Possibilities, Very Curious, a Food and Wine Lover, a Life Partner, and much more. After 25 years working in the fitness field, she started a small real estate business. She is now a SoulMotion teacher and mindfulness self-compassion teacher building a new, kinder business. Patricia splits her time between Ensenada (in Mexico), Houston, and San Diego.

P.S. What’s a Money Memoir?

In this interview mini-series, I talk to folks from all different backgrounds and walks of life — and ask them to share real stories about money. The good, the hard, and the triumphant. Because we ALL have money wisdom and gems to share. And sometimes, just hearing someone open up lets our own healing begin. {See ‘em all here.}

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