Tuck in for the weekend. 6 audio interviews to choose from . . .

written by Bari Tessler September 21, 2012

Dear Community, I recently invited my students and affiliate partners to host me for an interview, to support their community and introduce them to my work. This idea was inspired by a desire to reach even more people who want + need my work, and invite them to join me in my upcoming Group Coaching Program.

It was an experiment in generosity, in exposure, in connection. And I have loved it. Even though we originally created these interviews for their communities, I can’t keep these gems from you, my community. So, here’s a little Friday afternoon invitation to carve out some time to tuck in with your money story this weekend. I hope you’ll take a listen to one, or more these interviews. Below are six 45-ish-minute, bite-sized nuggets of money lovin’ goodness.

Each has a slightly different angle and twist, because each interview is directed by a different woman, on a different mission, through a different lens. Choose the one that pulls you in, make a cuppa something, and press play. If you’re considering joining the group coaching program, this will help you know, without a shadow of a doubt, whether this is your work to do, and I’m the teacher to guide you.

If you are sailing along your money path, there are still so many gems for you to simple soak in. Allow me to introduce my six gorgeous hosts, with links to listen to the recording (no opt in, no nothing – just take it in!) Enjoy! ~ Bari

Candace Smyth Attorney, Holistic Family Mediator and Divorce Process Coach Click here to download my interview with Candace. And here’s post about it (scroll down a bit). ~



Rowan Twosisters Urban Curandera, Doula, Massage Healer Click here to download my interview with Rowan.




Alyssa Middleton Mompreneur and Founder of High Wire in Heels Click here to listen to my interview with Alyssa (included in her post about it).




Natalie Rousseau Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer Click here to download my interview with Natalie. And here’s her post about it.




Sue Van Raes Author of Health Wise, Nutritional Therapist, Yogini Click here to download my interview with Sue.




Kimberly Graham Divorce Guide, Founder of High Road Divorce Click here to download my interview with Kimberly. And here’s her post about it.

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