My hubby’s bookkeeping confession + Our 1st Collaboration

written by Bari Tessler August 31, 2011
My hubby’s bookkeeping confession + Our 1st Collaboration

Dear Conscious Bookkeeping Community,

I’m so excited to announce to you my very first business collaboration with my husband, Forest. We’ve put together our heads and hearts and created a  practical and meaningful learning tool for your journey.

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If you’re already a student of my method, this is a fantastic new addition to your toolkit. And if you’re new to the Conscious Bookkeeping world and want to test the waters, this is the most efficient way for you to get started with a money practice — especially if you hate bookkeeping!

I’ll let Forest tell you all about it…
With my very best wishes,
~ Bari

Forest’s Bookkeeping Confession…

forest & bari

This might come as a shock. Sitting down? For years, I refused to look at our finances. Not entirely, of course: Bari and I still had our money dates together and did yearly visioning over red wine and chocolate. But I’d had my fill of adding receipts by hand: I’d much rather be out cycling or playing with our son Noah. So I handed over the daily nitty gritty to Bari.

But I did need to know how we were doing financially. So I developed my own, “ingenious” method. I’d watch for Bari to finish a bookkeeping session — and I’d study her body language. It was my barometer for our financial weather: I became fluent in her every sigh, sulk, and eye-twinkle.

Once in awhile, I’d actually check on our bank accounts. Usually, this did not end well. Without knowing where our cash flow was headed, I’d usually flip out and demand an explanation from Bari — until she showed me the bigger picture. I basically bounced between relative unconsciousness to emergency mode to tentative relief. I do not recommend this method!

This January, everything changed.

I discovered the handiest little program that changed everything. It’s a quick & hip web-based financial management tool called Mint that tracks all your accounts automatically. I love how easy it makes everything! It even syncs with my smartphone, so I can check our financial forecast anytime, anywhere. Once I could manage my finances without spending long, boring hours tracking down receipts, I was back in the game. No more guesswork!

Bari’s been recommending Mint to her Conscious Bookkeeping students and clients for years. But we’ve noticed one drawback: while it’s pretty user-friendly, there’s a learning curve: it usually takes about ten hours for people to get really comfortable with it.

…And here’s where I swooped in on my trusty tech steed…

I’ve taught people web-based software for years. People love the results they get, and it’s fun for me. So I thought: why not put my skills to use for the Conscious Bookkeeping community so they can get all the benefits of Mint?

“But wait,” cautioned Bari. “We should give them the heart and soul of my method, too!”

So we we swirled our efforts together, added a handy user interface and a generous dose of love, and created the…

Wake Up With Mint Course.


You get a comprehensive video course in Mint so you’ll be a power user in one hour, not ten. Plus, you get 2 juicy chapters from Bari’s Home Study Program that teaches you to create your own sacred and rewarding Money Practice.

We’re thrilled with the results of our team effort. It’s been a blast blending our different skills together. Plus, we’ve priced it reasonably so everyone can get started with a money practice, right away.

We hope you’ll find it useful and fun! For all the details, click here

With joy and gratitude,

~Bari & Forest

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