A Deep Dive Into My Creative Entrepreneur Journey

written by Bari Tessler March 16, 2021
A deep dive into my creative entrepreneur journey

Dear Money Adventurer,

Are you a budding or seasoned entrepreneur? Perhaps someone considering starting their own business one day?

Today’s interview is for you.

On her podcast, Women Today, Emma Teitel interviewed me about my journey as a creativepreneur.

Emma is a dear friend, mom, and body-centered psychotherapist who specializes in the empowerment of girls and women around the world, and I found her to be a wonderful host.

During the interview, I share candidly about many different parts of my path, both as a financial therapist and business owner over the last three decades.

I loved this experience so much, and I hope you find many nuggets of insight and wisdom in the stories we explored.

During the episode, we covered many rich topics including:

  • How and why I transitioned from working in the mental health field to working as a bookkeeper, and eventually became a successful entrepreneur weaving the two worlds of therapy and finance.
  • The type of money culture I was raised in, and how that shaped who I am as a person, as well as my life’s work.
  • How my work and business models have evolved over the years, and why a long life requires creative adaptation in the money realm.
  • Why transitions such as marriage, graduations, childbirth, health crises, death, and perimenopause require us to tune in to what is required both financially, and across the whole spectrum of our lives.
  • How I’m integrating social justice work into my personal life, as well as my Art of Money program as a white and Jewish woman.

You can enjoy this interview on Emma’s website or Apple and Spotify.

After you have listened to the interview, let us know a new insight you learned or a next step that you are ready to take from listening.

With our dearest wishes~

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