The Body Check In

The Body Check-in is an incredible practice for life and money.

This simple tool will help you bring more awareness to your money story, which will lead to more understanding and in return help you make better money choices.

There are so many life and money moments to stop and pause and add a Body Check-In. We invite you to do a body check-in during all of these daily money interactions…

As you are having a money conversation with your spouse,

As you are at the grocery store,

As you are looking at your online banking,

As you are reviewing your monthly numbers,

As you are figuring out how to charge for your services,

As you are paying your bills,

As you are having a new money conversation with your parents or your children and on and on.

Grab the 8-minute guided body check-in meditation mp3 and workbook below.  

Bring this simple practice to your daily life and things will shift.