Money Memoirs

Money Memoirs


Most of us don’t talk about money, except with our closest friends. But we ALL have money stories. Tough times we survived. Triumphs and gifts. Practical wisdom and soul-deep insights.

And when we share our money stories with one another, openly and lovingly? Well, magic happens.

We un-shame. We spread confidence and peace of mind and a whole lotta love. When we dare to speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins.   



Welcome to my new podcast series…Money Memoirs.

A fresh new mini-series, from my heart to yours.

Welcome to an intimate gathering for truth-telling about money.

To pull back the curtain. To let you know: you’re not alone. To throw open the doors to our hearts, hopes, and histories. To bring more depth and intimacy to our money relationships than ever before.

Here you’ll find personal Money Memoirs from 5 of my favorite people.
Big-hearted friends, colleagues, and students. Entrepreneurs, couples, mamas, papas, creatives, and sisters.

They’re intimate and raw. Uplifting and practical. Taboo-busting, shame-melting, oomph-inspiring, and utterly incredible.

That’s right: The Money Memoir Series is back — with a fresh set of faces, stories, and voices.

I first created this potent series 3 years ago, after seeing how healing it was when my Art of Money community shared their money stories with each other.

“Shame cannot survive being spoken.” ~ Brene Brown

The truth? We all have money stories, money shame, money triumphs, money wisdom, and money gifts to share. And when we open up and actually speak the truth about money? We all reap the rewards.

But most of us don’t talk about money … except with our closest friends. (Maybe.) So we stay hidden and small. We convince ourselves we’re alone. That we’re the only one who hasn’t figure this “money thing” out, yet. We suffer, in silence. But there’s a better way.

5 of my dear friends + colleagues got gracious + brave … and will show you the power of speaking the truth about money.

Get ready for practical wisdom and soul-deep insights from these incredible people.

Grab a cuppa. Light a candle. Bring your journal and see what chords these stories strike in your own heart.


Jacquette Timmons


When I dreamed up this Money Memoirs 2017 series, I knew I wanted to include Jacquette Timmons.

Not only is Jacquette one of our favorite Guest Teachers in The Art of Money, she’s got a rich, multi-layered understanding of money.

As a Financial Behaviorist, Jacquette helps people go beneath the dollars and cents — straight to the underlying behaviors and beliefs creating their financial success (or keeping them from it). Click here to listen to our conversation. 

Nancy Levin

Money Memoirs Nancy Levin

In this raw and uplifting Money Memoir, Nancy opens up about her personal journey. We cover money, divorce, her Jewish heritage, and most importantly: how she claimed her sense of value.

Listen to our delightful conversation to find out why Suze Orman coached Nancy to “F*&% her credit score” and prioritize standing in her own truth. 


Maketa Born


Maketa is one of my favorite people — and I know you’ll see why, after listening to this Money Memoir with him.

Maketa and his wife had a money “wake-up call” a few years ago. (Or, as I like to call it, a “money initiation.”)

After what they thought was a prosperous year, they got their tax bill . (Dunh, dunh, dunh.) They had no idea they owed so much — and it wiped out their entire savings account, overnight.

Sometimes, our biggest “failures” … open the most joyful doors.

Maketa and his beautiful wife harnessed this hardship. Click here to listen to our conversation


Jennifer Lee


Can you still hear your grandmother’s gravelly voice saying, “waste not, want not” when you’re wondering whether you should splurge on that pair of boots?

Do you feel your great-grandfather’s entrepreneurial blood coursing through your veins, as you consider launching yourself into the online marketplace?

Our money stories aren’t just ours. We carry a whole lineage of financial beliefs, attitudes, and habits. But WE decide what to do with them.  This intimate Money Memoir with Jennifer Lee touches on these themes of lineage — and shows how themes from our past can affect our money life, today. Listen in here

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin


In this incredibly candid interview, “fearless entrepreneur” Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin opens up about why she had a “scarcity mentality” and felt insecure, even earning oodles of money on Wall Street. And, most importantly: what she did to feel more safe. Inside, and out. Listen in here.


Hope you enjoyed these Money Memoirs.

With my dearest wishes,