Life Lessons

Dear Community, I am having an incredible amount of creative ideas lately. I usually like slow and steady, but things are FLOWING over here, and I’m itching to get more of this created and soon. Right now my team is already maxed out with current next steps and our cash flow is at it’s capacity.  So, we are brainstorming on how to add a few more dear folks on our team to help implement all of this goodness. One idea…

July 31, 2015
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Dear Community: There is so much going on behind the scenes in business, book creation, and family. I want to share some of these moments with you, and today’s the day!   You see, I love to document moments through images and photos with my iPhone and then share them on social media. It’s something I really, really enjoy. So, here’s one of my long (because that’s how I roll) but hopefully inspiring photo logues of what’s been happening over…

May 31, 2015
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There’s something I say on a regular basis — that I truly, truly believe is true — that is both helpful and deeply challenging for many of my readers with children: Most of us were never taught about money, let alone how to navigate our emotions around it. We didn’t have age-appropriate lessons about money, in incremental steps, from grade school on up. Our parents (and broader community) did the best they could, but many of us feel they either…

April 9, 2015
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