{Fresh audio!} The true story of how I hired
+ fired a CFO in 3 weeks flat.

written by Bari Tessler April 2, 2019

Some money lessons are trials by fire. This is one of those stories.

As I emerged from one money initiation — being audited by the IRS — I stepped right into another: hiring a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for the first time ever.

And then? I fired him, 3 weeks later.

This wasn’t a gentle, baby step by baby step kinda money learning.

It was a big WHOOSH of an initiation. And it taught me a ton about:

  • How far I’ve come in setting boundaries.
  • What’s ethical and honorable in work-and-money negotiations.
  • The “goldmine” of elegance in my business.
  • How clear I actually am, on my numbers.
  • What I want the future of my work, offerings, and legacy to look and feel like.

I first shared this story in August 2018 and it quickly became my most-clicked article of the year.

I’m thrilled so many of you were intrigued and got such benefit from it!

That’s why I’m sharing it again, this time with an audio recording, so you can hear it in my own voice.

Put your feet up (or head out for a stroll) and listen to a fresh recording of my most-read article of the year.

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