Financial Therapy Method

Your body has a lot to say about money

Dear Money Adventurer, Even if you are completely unaware of your personal money story, your body knows it well. Your body has been there for every formative money experience you’ve ever had. Your body holds every money belief you’ve ever learned or acquired, every heartfelt money emotion, from shame and anxiety to confidence and joy, and everything in between. Your money experiences and money emotions are rooted in your body. Your body knows. It remembers, even when you don’t. This…

March 7, 2023
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You are not behind in life or with money

Dear Money Adventurer, Wherever this finds you in your money journey, I want to remind you that there is nowhere else you “should” be. Sometimes, as we navigate the ebbs and flows of life and money, we pick up expectations that aren’t ours to carry. We compare our homes, our careers, how “successful” or how “good” with money we are to our friends, family, peers, and colleagues, and we find ourselves lacking. In the midst of comparison, you lose sight…

February 24, 2023
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Dear Money Adventurer, Money does not have to be a point of contention and conflict in your relationship with your partner.  Talking about money is challenging for many couples. But the very things that make these conversations so difficult–the deep emotions, values, and beliefs we carry around money–are the same things that can draw you and your honey together in more intimate understanding and compassionate connection. Money can actually bring you and your sweetie closer together, if you let it.…

February 16, 2023
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