Your Body Has A Lot to Say About Money

written by Bari Tessler March 7, 2023
Your body has a lot to say about money

Dear Money Adventurer,

Even if you are completely unaware of your personal money story, your body knows it well.

Your body has been there for every formative money experience you’ve ever had.

Your body holds every money belief you’ve ever learned or acquired, every heartfelt money emotion, from shame and anxiety to confidence and joy, and everything in between.

Your money experiences and money emotions are rooted in your body. Your body knows. It remembers, even when you don’t.

This is why you must bring your body to your money work. Because it’s already there, waiting with precious wisdom for your awareness and compassion.

Because when you bring body-based practices to your money work, you ground yourself in the present moment and cultivate a sense of inner safety.

You learn to respond to your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with self-compassion and gentle curiosity. You practice bringing loving awareness to your wounds and tender places. And you learn to sit with them, to work through them, and you begin to heal them.

This is why somatic-based financial therapy is so important. Because when you learn to tune into your body, you can feel into what you need to feel supported and resourced, even when you can’t find the words.

Because learning to check in with your body and to listen to what it has to say teaches you what you need to feel safe and secure.

So that even in challenging money moments when your nervous system says that you need to fight, flee, or freeze you have the tools and understanding you need to cope, to self-soothe, and move forward.

Because learning to trust the wisdom of your body is an exercise in trusting yourself and choosing to honor your own pace and timing.

This is what intimately authentic, personally transformative money work looks like.

Because so much of this money journey is really How to Be a Human 101:

How to be present in our bodies and in the moment.

​How to name, feel, understand, and work through our emotions.

How to communicate and express ourselves so we can talk about hard things, like money, our emotions, what we’re afraid of, what we believe in, and what we deeply long for.

How to cope with unexpected life and money challenges.

How to live our lives to align our goals and actions with our dreams and values.

Your body knows how and is just waiting to show you the way.

This is what writing a new chapter in your money story looks like.

So you can heal the past. So you can start creating new patterns. So that you can move forward into that new chapter of your money story.

This is my wish for you.

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