You are not behind in life or with money.

written by Bari Tessler February 24, 2023
You are not behind in life or with money

Dear Money Adventurer,

Wherever this finds you in your money journey, I want to remind you that there is nowhere else you “should” be.

Sometimes, as we navigate the ebbs and flows of life and money, we pick up expectations that aren’t ours to carry. We compare our homes, our careers, how “successful” or how “good” with money we are to our friends, family, peers, and colleagues, and we find ourselves lacking.

In the midst of comparison, you lose sight of the fact that each one of us arrives at significant milestones at different points in our lives. You forget that once upon a time, you weren’t yet ready for what now feels important. That you will redefine your priorities and what “success” looks like many times over in this life and money journey.

When you find yourself in those vulnerable moments, when your inner critic whispers that they are ahead and you are falling behind–

Because you don’t own your own home.

Because you’re still paying off that student loan from your 20s.

Because you don’t have the same resources or investment portfolio.

Because you’re navigating an unexpected money challenge or a big life transition.

No matter what your inner critic says after that “because,” I need you to know it is a lie.

No matter how old you are. No matter how long you’ve been doing your own personal money work. No matter how much money you do or do not make.

Life and money milestones look, and feel, and mean different things to every one of us. We arrive at them in different ways, from different perspectives, and different paths, each of us on our own journey, carrying our own hopes, fears, values, and ideals along the way.

What a profoundly beautiful thing.

No, you are not behind.

You are a different character in a different chapter of an entirely different book, a narrative woven of your own strengths, challenges, experiences, and dreams.

You are writing your own heartfelt, soul-deep money story of hope and healing, growth and discovery, self-compassion and understanding, love and trust.

Your money journey is not a competition or a race. There is no timer running in the background. No rankings. No score. No finish line.

You can let go of the very idea of “falling behind,” “moving too slow,” or “needing to keep up” now.

Thank them for teaching you to honor your own rhythm, trust your own pace, write your own story, and say goodbye.

Take a deep breath. Put your hand over your heart, and repeat after me–

“I am right on time, right where I am, just as I am.”

Anytime you need a reminder, come back here and read these words because you are.

You are.

You are.

With all my love and dearest wishes,

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