3 Money Conversations to Inspire and Encourage Your Money Journey

written by Bari Tessler June 2, 2022
3 Money Conversations that surprised, delighted, and inspired me

Dear Money Adventurer,

There are all kinds of tools, resources, and practices that we can use to bring more compassion and awareness to our relationship with money. But even just talking about money can bring new insights and understanding to our personal money journeys, our relationships, and our communities. 

Every open, honest conversation we have about money helps break down the shame and silent taboos that our world has created around money. 

So, even in the midst of all the excitement of launching my new mentorship program, I intentionally dedicated time to sitting down with some of my colleagues to talk about money. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect, share a little bit of our own money stories, and begin a new money conversation together. And I am so excited to share them with you!

Here are three of my latest interviews that surprised, delighted, and inspired me. 

I hope they encourage and uplift you, too. 

Shaun Maslyk is a certified financial planner and host of “The Most Hated F Word,” a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection between our minds, money, and what matters most. So, when Sean asked me to join him to talk about the Art of Money and Finding Happiness, it was a natural fit. From surprising questions to intimately honest moments, we dug into how to create a confident and savvy relationship with money, what my first money mentor taught me about the value of being seen and accepted, and the personal story that was unfolding behind the scenes the day my first book was published. 

Plus, Shaun shares some of his own money story and asks, “Can we have a fully embodied relationship with money without unpacking the history of our money story?” We laughed, we shared, we cried. Listen in to this heartfelt interview here.

When Jonathan DeYoe invited me on his podcast, “Mindful Money” to talk about money healing, savvy money practices, and big picture financial visioning, I knew we were going to have a great conversation. We dove in to explore both the personal and the practical side of money, including the money challenges that overwhelm most of us, the money lessons I learned growing up, and how I’m raising my son to think about money. 

Plus, I shared two financial tips that can help improve your financial well-being and the top trends to ignore in the financial space. Click here to sit in on this interview and hear more of my money story (with a side of practical money savvy goodness. 

Sarah Rose Bright is a Sex & Intimacy Coach as well as the host of The Sexy Life Podcast for women who want to experience happy and healthy intimate relationships, and live a life that lights up their heart and soul. Needless to say, when she invited me to join her for an episode to talk about how we can heal our relationship with money, I knew it was a “Yes!” for me. Before I discovered financial therapy, I always imagined sex and intimacy would be big themes in my work with my clients, and it was fun to explore the parallels between our intimate patterns and relationships and the personal relationship we have with money. 

Tune in here as we examine everything from why money is such a taboo subject, to how somatic and self-love practices can help transform your relationship with money, and what it’s like running a business as an older mom (AND as a human experiencing perimenopause!).  Plus, I share my 4 steps to help couples improve their relationship with money and each other.

Wherever you are in your own money journey right now, I think you’ll find something in each one of these interviews that will inspire you, empower you, and bring new insight to your relationship with money.

I hope you’ll listen in and allow these authentic, honest, and vulnerable money conversations to encourage you – and maybe even spark some new conversations about money in your own life.

If you aren’t there yet, that’s absolutely okay. 

It is a beautiful truth that we all grow at our own pace. Honor your own timing and allow your journey to unfold. I’ll continue to be here to walk alongside you with compassionate wisdom, gentle encouragement, and loving inspiration.

P.S. The Art of Money Workbook is being published next week on June 7! (there was a slight delay due to shipping issues in the publishing world) – And, now it’s really happening. You can order your copy right here. We are so excited to get this workbook in your hands!

The Art of Money Workbook Cover

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